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Medical - Marines / Starfleet

Created by Major General Iain MacTaryn on 02 Dec 2016 @ 5:37pm

Why is that Marine a Doctor?

That's an obvious question to ask - why is there a Doctor here that's a Marine? Compared to modern variants (USMC) it seems wholly out of place that a Doctor would be a Marine as opposed to simply a member of Starfleet Medical assigned to a Marine outpost. It's that way in contemporary examples because the Marine Corps does not maintain its own Medical Corps, relying instead on the Navy for everything.

Within the framework of Starfleet Medical there is a single Corps of Physicians who have been trained extensively at Starfleet Medical's facilities in San Francisco, and who are 'effectively' under the command of Starfleet but are not in fact members of Starfleet. They are the Doctor's, Corpsmen, and Nurses of the SFMC. These individuals joined the SFMC and completed all their relevant Marine training just as any of their fellow Marines, however they have furthered themselves by taking specialty courses or pursuing their Doctorate's within Starfleet Medical.

These Marine personnel exist to take the pressure off of the Starfleet Medical personnel in manning Marine facilities and FOB's galaxy-wide. Their certifications, licenses and other training is all provided by Starfleet, though the SFMC Medical Corps does provide some specific training related to combat medicine.

Command Structure

So how does the Command structure work? The answer - just as it does in Starfleet/SFMC. Doctor's and Nurses assigned to a station, ship, or FOB are responsible for the Marines assigned to them and are to report to the Marine in command above them. That leadership chain typically leads to the Chief Medical Officer of their location and then through that Marine to the Commanding Officer of the location. 99% of the time, that is another Marine in all instances. However, there are instances of Marine Doctor's embedded within the Medical staff of a Starfleet vessel but typically only when there is a significant Marine presence aboard that ship warranting the need for such an individual.

There does exist, at the Fleet Command level, Marine Officer's who report directly to the leadership of Starfleet Medical who are responsible for the specific training unique to Marine physicians and for ensuring that the SFMC Medical Corps is fully operational.