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Created by Major General Iain MacTaryn on 28 Mar 2016 @ 2:29pm

So if you're reading this you've decided that Camp Falkirk might be the place for you. We're a very close-knit community of simmers, most of whom have been here together for years - but don't let that intimidate you, instead let that serve as proof that we're serious about the success of this simm. We're always looking for fresh blood and fresh perspective. It's easy to fall into a steady rhythm with a group you're familiar with, so a infusion of new ideas is always a great idea!

Marine - What is that?

That's probably the biggest question anyone has when they're looking to join us here at Camp Falkirk. A great many simmers out there take Marines to mean that they have carte blanche to play a gun-toting, cigar-chomping, womanizing hate machine 'to the hilt'. They live in the bar's, carry their k-bar everywhere and shoot anything that doesn't look friendly. The kind that falls 6 stories and only has scratches. That can make 10 head shots in 6 seconds. That shows up to each and every staff meeting in full battle armor. As you can see, the kind that play every 'Marine' or 'Grunt' cliché to its fullest and ignore all sense and reason.

Personally, I can't stand those types of "SHS" type "Marines" and if one of those should apply to the simm I would reject the application straight away. It's not fun to simm with, it smacks of a piss-poor writer who lacks the creativity to come up with something more substantive and just simply isn't realistic.

The problem, of course, is that there is very little to nothing in the Star Trek Canon that goes over Marines or any military type service. The only exception being the M.A.C.O.'s in the ENT series. That's nowhere near enough data to base an entire military organization around, so that's where we've had to develop our own background. A definition of what a Marine is, what their history was like and what their current training is like. That's the basic framework of every Marine on Camp Falkirk and the basis we've established for Obsidian Fleet as well. Before you do anything in regards to an application on Camp Falkirk I insist that you read through the Marine history and training links below. Read those and then come back to this article and read on...

S.F.M.C. History

S.F.M.C. Recruit/Officer Training

Camp Falkirk - What we're looking for

Camp Falkirk is a Marine facility, manned by Marines and with the well being of the Corps in mind. The SFMC is a branch of Starfleet, and as such there is Starfleet personnel based here in the types of positions that Starfleet Officer's are more likely found. Departments such as Science, Medical and Diplomacy. Operations, Engineering, Tactical and Security are wholly manned by Marine personnel as Marine needs in these departments are very unique and not suited to Starfleet personnel. They require the advanced technical and combat oriented training the Marines focus on. Naturally, if you have an idea in mind that you think transcends these typical limits, email the CO/XO and let's discuss!

If you're interested in playing a Starfleet character, find a spot that you feel best suits your character and go ahead and email the CO/XO to ask about it. While I'm by no means discouraging a Starfleet character, it wouldn't hurt to inquire as to where that player might work best considering the Marine nature of the base.

For those interested in playing the Marine, really any position that you feel is suited to you will do. No need to inquire - unless of course you're interested in a position that has been identified as 'Starfleet' on the manifest, but want to man it as a Marine. In all cases though, what we're looking for in our characters is the following:

- A Marine. What does that mean? It means a character that has the background and training outlined in the links above. A character who's met all the substantive requirements to be an active member of the Corps.
- Is a fully developed and interesting character devoid of any meta-gaming or SHS traits. We want realistic, interesting and of course 'flawed' characters who can bring some flavor to the simm in their own individual way.
- Most importantly, the character developed for this simm should be someone who would actually be able to earn a posting on a Marine facility such as this. Camp Falkirk is the tip of the sword, not a backwater to send the rejects and those on their way out. Falkirk is for the active Marines, the strong and the dedicated Marines of the Corps that make it what it is.

We aren't savants, we aren't superhuman expert shots that can take out a full battalion with one round, a rubberband and a pair of tweezers. We're everyday Marines doing everyday jobs. We just happen to do it better than most.

My Application - What to do

There are certain things that we'd like to see in our applicants, not only to show that the person applying has but some significant time and effort into building their character, but to see what kind of character that they're bringing to the simm. Who would this person be? Would they interact well with the other characters? Would it create fun scenarios that really lend towards some creative writing? This is our real first and only chance to see that - your application has to speak volumes in just a few simple words. I'll try to outline some of the categories of the bio and add some notes on what we'd like to see.

Physical Description:
So this would seem to be a pretty simple section, but you'd be surprised how often what you see here is an exact repeat of what's listed in the Height/Weight/Hair/Eyes boxes above it. What ideally I'd like to see here is the details that you can't explain in such broad strokes. How does the character carry themselves? Are they hunched, square-shouldered, duck-footed? Do they have an accent that needs to be outlined? Do they have a speech impediment? Is there a way that they communicate that's overly physical (ie: talks with their hands, can't make eye contact, etc.). Do they have any scars, do they wear glasses (despite modern medicine), do they wear a visor for blindness? Here's your chance to really give that 'human' element to your character.

General Overview:

This is where you'll give us the broad strokes of who your character is. You've told us his/her name, their family and given us a visual image of who they are; now tell us about who they are personality wise. Are they friendly, aloof, cold, mean or some mixture of all of that? Does he/she have any personality quirks, anything about their life/heritage/experience that's outwardly noticeable? What else do we need to know about this character that isn't specifically defined in a box. Please note as well, this is not the section for their history, only their overview in very broad strokes.

Hobbies and Interests:

I know what you're thinking? Really, this section is being covered? Absolutely. Why? Because this is the section that drives what you as a character will be doing outside the main story line. This is what you'll be doing in your quarters, or in the holosuites. It defines who you are beyond the uniform. Just like Riker's poker games, Data's cat, Kal-toh with 7of9, these are the side stories that fill out the rest of the illustration that is your character. Show us more about who they are and give yourself some ammunition for sub-plot posting once you're aboard!

Personal History / Service Record

What I see alot is that people overload the personal history with a gazillion gory details and, effectively, write themselves into a box. They've given so much detail that they've hardly left themselves any room to maneuver via plot posts and sub plots. While it's great to have this information, I suggest you apply it in broad strokes and leave yourself a little wiggle room. To my experience, the best way to really define the experience is the service record. It gives you a chance to really determine where your character has been since joining the Corps (or the Fleet if you're going that angle) and how they ended up where they are now. What major life changes happened? Were there any major events in there that need to be mentioned? This is the chance to develop the professional side of this character and really show why they, above any others, earned their spot on Camp Falkirk.

Sample Post:

Obviously, this is always an important part because it shows us how you write and what we can expect from you. So I encourage you to do your best and to really show us your chops. I've given a few prompts but you're welcome to use something of your own design you feel shows us a better example of what you're capable of. Make it interesting if you can, grab our attention. Most importantly, give it some meat and depth. No one wants to read a bunch of one-lining back and forths. Read some of the posts we put out on this simm and use that as a guideline. Remember, our minimum posting standard is 750 words - so do your best to at least meet that.