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Falkirk Specifications

Created by Major General Iain MacTaryn on 14 Mar 2015 @ 6:19pm


Camp Falkirk is the premier SFMC installation in all of the Federation. Built in late 2390, Falkirk utilizes some of the most sophisticated and potent defensive technologies available to the SFMC.


Camp Falkirk is the home base for the 2nd Marines - Lightyear Division. It serves as the central headquarters and is where all SFMC personnel within the 2nd Marines rally, resupply and redeploy throughout 9th Fleet and Task Force 47.

The total number of personnel on base varies dependant heavily on which units are rotating into the Fleet and which are on base to resupply, repair or train. The standard compliment is as follows:
Marine Personnel: 4,660
Starfleet Personnel: 22 Facility / 25 Research Station - Aceso
Civilian: 0 - 5,400

Support Craft:

Volga-Class Runabouts: 6 - Chivenor, Stonehouse, Clyde, Norton Manor, Condor Poole
Delta Flyer Shuttles: 6 - Tupper, Pitcairne, Gourlay, Hollis, Hunton, Tailyor
Danube-Class Runabouts: 6 - Glenn, Basilone, Puller, LeJeune, Boyington, Fick
Type 9 Shuttles: 13 - Dywer, Leatherneck, Rhino, Delhi, Delaram, Geronimo, Jaker, Lemonnier, Butler, Fiddler's Green, Mujuk, Thunder Cove, Da Nang
Type 11 Shuttles: 15 - Wake Island, Coral Sea, Midway, Tarawa, Guam, Philippine Sea, Saipan, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Tinian, Pelelieu, Angaur, Guadalcanal, Marshall Islands
Gryphon-Class Runabout: 2 - Essex, Wasp
Albatross Class Dropship: 18

3rd Aerospace Group - Fighter Craft:

Valkyrie Fighter: 40
Raptor Fighter: 40
Peregrine Fighter: 16
M1M1 Warthog II "Screaming Mimi": 40

Defensive Systems:

Guardian Class Defense Platform: 4
Point Defense Batteries: 10
---Type XII Array: 6
Shielding Systems
---Auto-Modulating Shields
---Metaphasic Shielding
---Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 4
------Photon Torpedoes: 190
------Quantum Torpedoes: 143
------Polaron Torpedo: 17

The defensive capabilities of Falkirk are divided into two functional areas:

- Orbital Defense
- Ground Defense

The facility itself is built within and underneath one of the largest mountain ranges on the planet Catus XI, so chosen because of the mineral makeup of the ore that constructs the mountain. It is denser and far less susceptible to energy weapon discharges than most standard ores, though it has the side effect of jamming all communications when not properly countered. This makes the facility itself hard to assault from the ground or the air/orbit.

Should an enemy attack Catus XI, the first defenses available to the Marines there are the orbital defenses, the majority of which are station upon the Sirius Orbital station in orbit of the planet. The defenses of the Sirius orbital station are akin to a Galaxy-class starship and, in most circumstances, should be more than sufficient to repel any enemy attempting to gain orbital access to the planet.

In the event this enemy breaks past the Sirius Orbital station, by that time the full compliment of fighter craft berthed within the mountain facility should have deployed and will be harrying, defending and assisting Sirius Orbital in their defense. But more than that, the base itself is capable of defending against orbital assault.

Point defense batteries and platforms provide orbital support in addition to the rapidly movable firepower available from the 2nd Marine Divisions armored units which can deploy to various points about the mountain range and planet as needed.

Ground Based

Were an enemy successful in breaching orbital access and getting past the fighter elements, Sirius Orbital's bombardment and any ground based orbital defenses, this enemy would have to access the facility via ground as any attempt to destroy the facility from orbit would be fruitless based on the composition of the mountain range as well as the fact that the interior facility is heavily reinforced against such attacks. The intent is to force the enemy to take to the ground or give up altogether.

The first line of defense is the sentry batteries (main page image) distributed about the mountain passes in the most likely approaches to the base. Like any pre-placed gun, they are pre-sighted and zeroed to the passes making traversing the paths almost surely suicide. Beyond the placed guns, the approaching enemy has to deal with a full Division (or portion thereof on station) who will defend the base with well practiced maneuvers.