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Mission One - Contagion

Created by Major General Iain MacTaryn on 07 Jan 2015 @ 11:20pm


After gathering supplies and personnel at Starbase-99, the 2nd Marine Division has set sail for Catus XI - Camp Falkik split between the USS Alexander and the USS Exeter.

The majority of the Marine personnel were aboard the USS Alexander and had made their temporary base of operations the vessels cavernous shuttlebay. Also aboard the Alexander is the entirety of Falkirk's Armored Battalion.

The USS Exeter hosted the full compliment of Falkirk's medical supplies, facility equipment and Medical staff along with a full Platoon of Force Recon Marines as additional security.

The 2nd Marine Division has landed on Catus XI and taken control of Camp Falkirk. Currently power is fluctuate and being repaired by the facilities engineering staff. Communications are limited within the facility to what is hard-wired and communications beyond the facility are non-existent. The native ore of the mountain complex is a natural jammer for all communications traffic in or out planet-wide. Falkirk utilizes a field inhibitor to allow comm's through, but without consistent power, that is offline.

All personnel are taking over their duty stations and quarters, preparing to man Falkirk with limited power.