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Old School

Posted on 05 Mar 2018 @ 4:06am by Petty Officer 1st Class K`rilim Nsslano

Mission: M3 - Politico
Location: Falkirk Medical
Timeline: MD 01 - 0330 hrs

.:[Emergency Department - Medical - Deck 5.2]:.

HM1 K`rilim Nsslano growled under his breath as he crossed a few lines off on the old-fashioned pad and paper he held in his paws. The pencil's scratching along the paper irritated him for some reason he couldn't put his finger on, but it was a minor annoyance compared to the problems at hand. The 'Kirk's communication systems were essentially down, and almost every terminal was locked out; that presented a large problem for Medical, given the nuances of patient telemetry. He'd been dismissed after directing the Old Man himself to The Birds, and had been pulled aside by no less than ten other corpsmen who wanted to know what he had his paws into now. He had been successful in waving them off, ordering them to get back to their duties; scuttlebutt would have to wait until later.

"K, what about the patients downstairs in Acute?" Brad Spencer was a good HM, though he'd need another year or so under his belt to make 1st Class, "are we coordinating with them with this, or are we on our own?"

K sighed, "They aren't my problem, Spence. The only people I'm worried about are in the ED and in ICU. I can't be bothered with the acute care folks right now; we've got enough problems of our own. Gods, how are we supposed to keep track of everything without terminal access? I mean, look! I've had to go back to pen-and-paper just to get an idea of what patient is where, and who's supposed to be in charge of them. It's a nightmare..."

HM2 Spencer nodded, glancing sidelong at the other HMs and HAs surrounding the LPO as he attempted to divvy out proper assignments. It had already been a long night for the watch, and despite the fact that their shift was nearly over, it looked like they would all be staying over to help out. While the various Nurses and Medical Officers thought they ran the show in the ED, it was truly the corpsmen that made sure everything got done properly, and in a timely manner. As far as patient care was concerned, it fell nearly fifty-fifty between the nursing staff and the corpsmen, with the lofty Medical Officers seeming aloof and issuing orders from on high. A fair amount of the HMs in the ED were all FMF, so had a fair hand at running things solo, which helped the situation overall. K was glad to have an independent group under his watch; it allowed them to work quickly and efficiently without having to pause and ask ridiculous questions.

"Alright, I've got it all figured now. Amory and Luka, you've got ED 1 through ED 5. Kalbra and Grered, you take ED 6 through ED 10. Chiapuk, you take Triage with Spence. I need T'shes, Mallory, Esrator and Agnes to run up to ICU and give the Nurses up there a hand," K fired off the names quickly, trusting his colleagues to be listening for his instructions, "with luck, we'll get some relief in the next few hours, but plan for an extended stay. Sorry guys."

There were a few muted groans around the group, but the lot generally knew what had to be done, "If any of you goobers need some refresher on getting manual vitals, I'm sure we can get that taken care of before you report. Just remember, the terminals seem to be locked almost completely out, and our communications are limited. If you need to, assign someone near you as a runner to get messages back and forth. We have to do things a bit on the low-tech way for now."

"Now, I know some of these Nurses and MO's are going to have sticks up their as-" K was cut off as a young HA came trotting up to the group from across the bay, "What is it, Avery?"

"K, they're calling for everyone to prep for an EVAC," the HA panted in his excitement; it was obviously his first 'important' assignment, "the Major just passed it down."

His message delivered, HA Avery trotted off to deliver the missive to the other work parties. There was a pregnant silence as he dashed off, numerous eyes turning to look at K with a wide range of emotions. K could easily pick up on the emotions coming from those around him, his keen senses allowing him to detect anything from a change in odor to the sound of a rapidly accelerating heart rate. As quickly as the silence fell it broke, a dozen voices yammering at once demanding to know what was happening, and what they should do. The Caitian's ears lay back slightly and he glowered towards the trauma bay where the newest patient was resting; she'd caused all this calamity by doing whatever it was she did just before being doped. What a mess.

"Alright, ALRIGHT!" K shouted over the noise, "Listen you lot, nothing changes. You have your assignments. Get your patients prepped for EVAC, and get your shit stowed. This isn't anything we haven't prepared for before, so just follow your checklists. I want ICU ready to go first. I'm pretty sure that most of the bays down here are not being used, so if any of you have a vacant assignment, start grabbing the EVAC gear and go-bags. Let's get it together before one of the MO's thinks to ask for something. Get it done, people."

The LPO's admonishments sobered a fair few of the experienced hands, who took it upon themselves to square away the newer folk, and quickly everyone was ushered away to their assignments. It was going to be a rough morning.

HM1 K`rilim Nsslano, FMF
Hospital Corpsman
2nd Marine, 5th Medical
Camp Falkirk


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