Camp Falkirk


Rock Bottom

Posted on 05 Apr 2018 @ 2:20pm by Lieutenant General Ambrose Kinghorn & Major General Iain MacTaryn & Vice Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar & Colonel Graysen Sadler & Colonel Maxwell Richardson MD. (*)
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Mission: M3 - Politico
Location: Camp Falkirk

Graysen stood just outside of the smaller exterior doors staring down over the windswept and snow covered exterior landing pad that serviced smaller shuttles and craft outside of Falkirk's main hanger. Marines ran here and there as several teams of Coyotes were trying to pull the massive doors open. As it turned out the massive hanger doors were controlled by the hangers central computer, a computer which was just like the rest of the station, shut down. Because the doors were magnetically sealed to keep the facility secured against all kinds of attacks they had sealed tightly when the Omega directive had been activated, they had been able to shut the magnetic seal down, but in doing so they had tripped a redundancy that had taken out the hydraulics. Nothing a small quartet of Coyotes couldnt pull apart with enough work, but it was effecting their ability to evacuate quickly and efficiently.

"Colonel sir, please put on the jacket." A Second Lieutenant all but begged as he held a jacket up for Graysen. "It's too cold out."

"Thanks Lieutenant but no." He replied as he waved the junior officer away, "Unlike most a little cold has never hurt me." A sonic boom filled the air as a trio of contrails burst high over the mountain and began to curve back towards them. Graysen watched as a set of marines with wands moved out towards the edge and directed the lone shuttle that appeared being escorted by a pair of fighters. It's escorts veering off and heading back to space, the shuttle slowed and hovered a moment as the marines directed it into a landing position at the edge. The small craft hadn't even settled as the hatch opened and a lone man stepped off with a strut in his step that only seasoned officers could see was a man on a mission. "Admiral Sepandiyar." Graysen called over the revving engines of the Coyotes making another attempt to move the doors further apart.

"Colonel." Sepandiyar replied, slowing his pace slightly. "How was this alert triggered?" he pressed quickly. The only thing that he'd been able to ascertain was that the protocol had been initiated on Falkirk on one of the Infirmary levels. "Was it something your Marines triggered unintentionally, or was this by an individual?" he asked urgently, walking towards the door but clearly suggesting that Sadler stay with him.

Graysen quickstepped into rhytem beside the Admiral as the pair headed through the door, "Admiral, at approximately 0300, the Devil Dog returned from a patrol with a patient they rescued from a heavily damaged runabout sized craft. Upon meeting the patient in the infirmary a human female, she became agitated and as the doctor was sedating her she told the computer to intiate a Quicksilver contigence. She was not able to get a command code out but I can only assume the computer had her DNA and speech patterns on file as the base computer then entered the Omega directive mode and shut down all access and linked computers. None of the command codes of any senior officer on site seem to end the Omega directive, nor I assume any Captain's of the ships in orbit bar your's apparently."

Sepandiyar stopped when he said Quicksilver, and then just as suddenly resumed his pace as they made their way to the lift. "...yes... Fleet Command access only..." he said pensively as they continued on.

It was a quiet walk the rest of the way to the lift and on up to the infirmary. Sepandiyar had his brow furrowed in thought, deep within the catacombs of his own mind walking through the various scenarios that may or may not play out of this and none of them seemed promising. Had the doors to the lift not swished open and the Colonel moved to get out, it's likely Zavareh would have stood there half an hour lost to his own thoughts before he realized where he was and what he was here to do.

"Have non-essential personnel been cleared?" he asked as he followed Sadler's lead into the medical decks.

"No Admiral. As you saw when you arrived we're currently trying to pry open the hanger doors with heavy armour. The system is magentized and automated, all controlled by the computer of course, and it's prevented the door from opening. Major Bradley is apparently getting ready to slag it if need be. Additionally our Transporters our down as the system is locked down, even if those were an option, any networked computer is likely locked too meaning almost all of the ships in orbit aren't an option for evacuation. We're staging the civilians for evacuation but until we can get the doors open or the computer unlocked that's all we can do." Graysen said with a small grimace as they approached the door to the examination room. People were craning their necks to catch a look of the Colonel and Admiral marching towards the now heavily guarded room.

"Alright. I may be able to clear some of it. Let's see what your guest has to offer..." he said, stepping through the door into the examination room and pausing just inside to look at the Colonel clearly seeing MacTaryn and a second Marine General he wasn't aware had already arrived. Lieutenant General Kinghorn looked no less easy to deal with in pajama pants and half tied combat boots than he did in uniform. Strangely more intimidating, if that kind of thing ever really phased Zavareh at all. "Colonel. Seal the door." he said, stepping through as a Marine Doctor emerged from the back of the room as well, minding the patient's vitals.

Graysen nodded as he tapped the control pad directly beside the door. Basic functions were working at least as the doors sealed with the 5 senior officers and one mysterious woman. "As secure as we can get Admiral."

Looking around the group of assembled Brass, Maxwell frowned, before looking to his PaDD, and picking a hypo up off the table. He knew what came next, and knew that they all knew his objections. With the collective room of knowing each other, Richardson offered a polite, if coy, smile. "Let me guess Admiral, wake her?"

Sepandiyar simply gave the Colonel a very cold, clear, emotionless expression that very obvious carried the answer without having to say a word.

The Doctor nodded, and in his mind, mad a mental note to ensure his displeasure for the situation was noted on his official report. A quick press of the hypo to the woman's neck allowed the device to work it's magic. He keyed in a few commands, and a suspension field snapped into place. She would be conscious, able to speak even, but moving would take a whole lot more work. He held his breath for a second as her vitals spiked suddenly, and her eyes snapped open, followed by a deep, exaggerated inhale.

Her sharp green eyes jumped from person to person in the room, before settling on the Admiral. Her eyes narrowed, like she had some form of headache, and for a moment it looked like she was going to pass out again, but she came back around. After a moment, she twitched her body, trying to see if she could move around the field, and let out a few annoyed grunts. "I wouldn't do that," came the smooth tone of Maxwell's voice. "Your little stunt knocked out a great deal of my equipment, so you are stabilized, not healed. Too much more of that will be painful."

Folding his arms pensively, Zavareh looked back at the woman with an impassive expression. "Computer, authenticate speaker. Sepandiyar, alpha, three, panj, yek." he declared flatly as if having a casual conversation with the air. The computer chirped in affirmation, taking his voice command in two languages and authenticating.

The computer's soft feminine voice replied, "Authentication complete. Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar, USS Alexander, 9th Fleet Join Fleet Command."

Sepandiyar continued staring quietly at the young woman. "Computer, clear computer override for Quicksilver Protocol. All fleet assets in orbit of Catus XI and this facility to remain at Red Alert." he ordered. The computer confirmed audibly all while the Admiral stared quietly at the young woman. "Please identify yourself, and explain why you have engaged the Quicksilver Protocol." he ordered evenly though the steel of the command was evident without him having to raise his voice.

The woman seemed to take a second to think over her situation. She blinked her eyes a few times and cleared her throat. "Specialist Wilson, sir," she said, her voice unsteady and creaky. She cleared her throat again, and looked as if she was going to ask to be let to move, but then she decided against it, looking around at the room around her. Mostly Marines, and the lowest ranked were Colonels. "To answer your question sir," she continued, "our mission was a failure. We were attacked during the landing party, facility was too heavily guarded. My craft has all the readings we could get, I couldn't risk the computer being read by anyone." Wilson paused again, her eyes falling down. "We were right, the P'yrrx are developing the Omega Particle."

Zavareh slowly took off his glasses and folded them up and tucked them neatly into a pouch he had drawn from his pocket and then stowed it away, not offering a single word in reply. He finally turned to Major General MacTaryn and Lieutenant General Kinghorn, both of whom had blanched at the words: Omega Particle. "Iain. Evacuate all non-essential personnel to Starbase-99 immediately aboard the Ardeshir and your support craft. I will take command of the remaining Fleet assets in the area, but I will need you to provide all remaining Fleet vessels with an extra contingent of Marines from Falkirk. Double our on board garrisons. For the Alexander I request a full armored company; we will make room in the shuttlebay. I will confirm that the Exeter can make room as well and will request the same for Captain Xoldun."

MacTaryn nodded slowly, looking to Kinghorn who just rolled his tongue over his teeth. "I would prefer to join you, Admiral..." he growled, clearly not happy with what he was about to say. "... but it is probably best that General MacTaryn accompany his Marines on this."

"No." Sepandiyar replied, "No, I need MacTaryn here. The Pyrryx knows you're here, and they reasonably know what it would mean to strike a blow here. Evacuate your non-essentials and prepare to defend this sector. I will take a Fleet into the Desolate Expanse and... deal... with the Pyrryx."

"I'll send Colonel Rutland with you, Admiral. He can handle the Marines spread across the Fleet, and lead any assault you may need." MacTaryn replied, accepting the Admiral's orders not because he was outranked, but because he knew Sepandiyar as well as anyone could and he trusted his judgement. If these were the orders, he had no problem following them to the letter, which seemed to irk Kinghorn who was assessing Iain with a suspicious glare.

"Have him come aboard with his Marines as soon as he can." Sepandiyar nodded, turning now to the Doctor. "Doctor, can she travel?"

Maxwell shrugged. "She can move, I wouldn't recommend any extreme activities. But I have sent freedom fighters back into the fray in worse condition." He looked down at the girl, his face a combination of acknowledged pain and pity for her. "You," he said, directly to her, "go see a Doctor as soon you are on board the Alexander. Your internal injuries are stabilized, not healed." Looking back to the Admiral, he nodded. "She will be groggy sir, so perhaps a trip first to sickbay for the rest of your conversation. I know Major Bradley won't mind lending you an Albatross."

"Doctor Pembroke will be our first stop." Sepandiyar replied by way off assurance, gesturing for the woman to stand beside him as he tapped his commbadge. "Alexander. Two to beam up." he declared, glancing around at everyone. "Energize."

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