Camp Falkirk

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Chief Diplomatic Officer's - Personal Log - Stardate 70790.5

Posted on 15 Oct 2016 @ 10:46pm by Captain Cooper Newcastle
Edited on 28 Dec 2016 @ 5:15pm


Computer, begin recording:

"Chief Diplomatic Officer's personal log. Stardate 70790.5. This morning at the gym I was approached by three Anticans. And, I gotta say, it has been a long time since I've seen Anticans. They were a surprise actually. Surprised for a number of reasons. The chief one being how anybody would willingly agree to ferry them all the way from Beta Rennar to Falkirk. There must be some kind of an award - if not I should look into making one.

Anyway, the pack leader growls at me while I'm on the leg press and stands directly in front of me. The other two take positions at each side. So...right from the start I'm getting ready for a confrontation. And they did not disappoint. They started in with a litany of complaints. No 'hi', no 'good morning', BAM! Right in with their complaints. It's too cold here, their accommodations are too small and the animals that they brought with them as a food source got out and are mucking about the Promenade.

I came this close to blowing my stack with, "You're not on Risa, this isn't the Cascade Hotel and I'm not the Concierge...your Majesty." I thought that. But I didn't say it. Next time I'll say it for real.

I put my best, 'You're shitting me right?' face on and got right up in his face. At this point I couldn't remember if Anticans or Tellarites respect a decent argument. But, I was already committed to this and so I said, "Maybe next time you will answer my COMM when I say I wanted to meet with you and your tribe before you were assigned to accommodations by Operations department?"

Well...that was the wrong thing to say. So they lodged a formal complaint and it'll end up on the General's desk sooner rather than later. They gave me some more shit for another ten minutes before snarling and storming out. Now they say they will only talk to the Starfleet side of the House. Meaning my brother.

So, that was my morning. And now I get to attend a one hour meeting that always runs into two and half. Trade negotiations between the Denobulans and the Ferengi Trade Authority. BOO-yah!!

When this day is over, I am going to treat myself to the target range and get some time on the TR-116's. It'll be both therapeutic and I need the additional certs."

Computer? End recording, save that under personal log and read me the agenda for the next appointment please.

Cooper S. Newcastle
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division


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