Camp Falkirk

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Captain's Log - USS DeGrasse

Posted on 31 Aug 2016 @ 4:24pm by Captain Shea Parnell

Computer, begin log.

Wow. This is... strange. Log's aren't something I'm unfamiliar with, but in this setting the practice is... well a bit unsettling. It's honestly been a long time since we've been sedentary on a planet; I'd forgotten how accustomed I'd become to the feeling of a ship at warp, the thrumming of the corridors and the strangely precarious nature of grav plating and how sometimes it just barely waned from section to section. All the ways that you could tell without really seeing that you were in space, and not on solid ground.

But being aboard the DeGrasse is impossible right now as what's left of her is in pieces in spacedock above this planet - Catus XI. I might find this planet strangely refreshing, and a welcomed change, but we're not exactly in friendly territory though we are all certainly trying to make the best of it. Catus is home to the Marines of Camp Falkirk, and even with our full compliment of staff housed here in their facilities, we're still outnumbered at least ten to one. Every now and then we'll see a Starfleet Officer that's not a part of the crew, perhaps someone from the Alexander or one of the other ships in orbit. There's even a couple of Starfleet staff based here with the Marines, but to say we're numerous would be an understatement. But we're going to just have to make do.

The Major General was as generous as he could be in making sure we had proper accommodations here. He was as good as his word in making sure that the families got accommodations together, but at the expense of our single staff who have been forced to bunk four to eight to a barrack, Officer and Enlisted together. It certainly made for strange bedfellows as I heard it told from the Department Heads, but that was what it was - there wasn't anything more that I could do about it. We'll get through it.

The real plus sides are that the bases facilities are at our disposal and just about everyone is taking advantage of them, from the holosuites to the armory for weapons practice and most especially Hula Pete's this bases lounge. It really is a wonderful facility where I have seen the crew truly enjoying themselves. Our little Nova-class had a lot of things that we loved, but a large crew lounge was not one of them and after just a few days here on Falkirk I can see that we're missing a significant asset. Maybe I can find a spot to add something to the DeGrasse on that token once the refits are underway. Right now they're still taking bits apart to see what's truly in need of repair.

My biggest fear is one that I've not shared with the crew - that the DeGrasse will be scuttled. I haven't said that to anyone because I don't want to start a panic. The idea of being stranded on a Marine facility with no vessel to get us back to work or back home is not one I want to explain to them. That said, every time the Engineering staff peels back a layer of damage, they find more and more wrong. I honestly have to wonder at what point the damage will be too significant. Will we get our ship back? Or are we stuck here for the foreseeable future waiting for Starfleet to figure out how to get us all home.

Without the DeGrasse, where is home.


Computer, end log.


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