Camp Falkirk

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Personal Log: 70582.7

Posted on 31 Jul 2016 @ 11:19pm by Captain Cooper Newcastle
Edited on 21 Sep 2016 @ 1:54pm


Standing at the window and looking out at the cold, snow and withering sunlight lay Catus XI. Cooper's silhouette against the window seemed somehow barren. He recorded this personal log:

"Personal log, stardate 70582.7. What are we doing out here? Are we just...arrogant? Are we Federation expansionists? Are we the brave explorers? Are we the protectors that everyone says we are?

These past few weeks have been trying. People from planets all over the Federation see Falkirk as either their...Zion. Their destination for a new life of opportunities. These bold adventurers face the great wall of the unknown with a boldness that I envy. They have an amazing capacity to believe that they will survive out here by the sheer force of their will.

Others, well they see Falkirk as the furthest point from the Federation. In policy, ideals and location. These people come here and try to hold back the flood. They are fighting a losing battle. For better or for worse, we are here. And now that the genie is out of the bottle; we will not be able to simply put it back in and pretend we didn't notice.

Falkirk, I suppose, can be seen as both of those viewpoints. That's both the thrill and the risk of being on the edge.

But me? Well...I feel that we haven't yet come close to...the edge. What's waiting for us out here? Whatever it is it's holding its breath. Poets call it a 'pregnant pause'. We think we have come so far and that we are so advanced. And yet, the native life forms here were able to be here and we didn't even know it until they chose to reveal themselves. "

He was silent for a while as his eyes saw the last of the sunlight fade and give way to the stars. The computer beeped at him and he continued:

"Whatever the future holds; it will be more fantastic than anything we can imagine. Of this I'm sure. If it's one thing that is constant in this life; it is that Vulcan truisim, 'Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.' All of our petty squabbles over territory and contracts, pacts and treaties will be meaningless when we are face to face with the unknown.

Am I afraid? I have had to ask myself. I don't think I am. But, one never knows until one is tested. And, I feel, that we have not yet begun to be tested out here."

He pressed the panel button on the table and the shades were drawn across the bay window. He walked away from the window and into his living room and the company of his dogs, his brother and the familiar surroundings.

"Computer, end log and save."

And night fell over Falkirk.

Cooper S. Newcastle
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division


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