Camp Falkirk

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Log #1: Arrival

Posted on 09 Apr 2016 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye

"Well, I'm almost there, my new home. The Aurora has picked me up after I've left the Galileo and now we're almost there. I can see the planet from my window and it's...snowy. I've never dealt with snow before, nor really lived in any arctic environment but we'll see.

I'm happy to be away from my last assignment, there were just too many memories that I couldn't deal with and so I requested a transfer. A fresh start, and no-one knows me here or what I've done before so it's really a fresh start for me. Start anew, prove my worth and hopefully, make a few friends.

I'll miss Piet for sure but he'll have other friends. I don't think he'll miss me for too long. Certainly won't be missing Doyle, who was most definitely going to make my life miserable. I wonder if I should let Grayson know where to find me if he ever does want to get in contact again. For now, I won't...maybe in time.

During transit I've contacted Danyelle and asked her to bring Danya back to me. Camp Falkirk allows for families and I would assume a marine base to be safe enough to raise a child. We'll see. I should get packed and ready for transport down. Probably should report as soon as possible too...once I figure out to who...this being a marine base and me being a Fleeter..."


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