Camp Falkirk

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Personal Log: Stardate 70202.6

Posted on 14 Mar 2016 @ 9:27pm by Captain Cooper Newcastle

Captain Cooper Newcastle, personal log. The first bit of god news to share on this log in...hell...weeks? The Onio Sovereignty, more precisely the refugees from the Onio Sovereignty are departing today at 1900 hours from Sirius Orbital. And let me be among the first to say that I hope the rest of the people we meet out here in the Expanse are a gracious as they are.

They needed a lot more repairs than we initially thought they would. But you know...I think I can justify the added repairs to General MacTaryn by letting him know that these people were grateful and appreciative of our Engineering teams efforts to get them ship-shape again. It was actually good to see. Even Starfleet engineers lent a hand and didn't try and show off - this time.

We learned some interesting intel too. The Onio shared their flight recorder data with us since the left the borders of their territory. I haven't run the data through stellar navigation or added it to the stellar cartographic library. I'm not sure I even have access. Maybe I can see the Chief Engineer about that....Madeline Dubois. She's cute too. But yeah...we got a chance to look at the kind of damage and repairs they needed and we were surprised to learn that they had been fired on. Apparently from different kinds of weapons. The crew says that the ship was given to them rather unexpectedly. And that fits with their story about having to leave the Sovereignty quickly. Until I get some help, I don't know if the weapons damage they sustained was recent or a while ago. In any case, most of their supplies were critically low. If Falkirk wasn't here...I don't know how much further they would get into this territory.

Based on what I've read from the Starfleet ships getting their asses kicked out here. I'd really like to talk with some of them. Fleeters that is and see some of the tactical data from their encounters. I'll ask the General about that. Maybe I can attend a command briefing and see what the latest is on the skirmishes out here. Harvard might know something too. But he's not very...forthcoming lately.

On another note....I have an appointment today with the new Starfleet shrink. Lieutenant T'kena is her name. I've been thinking lately too that....I need to deal with this. Computer...pause."

He stopped the recording and sat down on the bed. Wufftan and Muttalan came over and tried to hop up on the bed. He picked them up, one at a time and then laid down on the bed. They both covered his face in wet kisses which made him smile and it tickled. "All right...all two are a couple of dog food machines. I can't stuff enough pooch food into you two!" He scratched their ears and closed his eyes. He longed for the conversation with someone he loved. The caress of a girl around his neck. Being loved and wanted. Being able to love another person and share his life with her. He missed his wife...did he still get to call her that? And his kid...

He stood up and pushed the thoughts down, "Nah....nah....not going there. Computer? Resume." The machine chirped in reply.

"Anyway...I need to get some help and I' I just weak? You know? It hurts, inside, all the time. Like I have a damn hole where my heart used to be. I don't want to forget feels like...if I find somebody else that I'm throwing Mina and Sayer away."

The dogs looked up at him wagging their tails.

"End log. File it under personal ok computer?"

"Acknowledged. Personal Log saved Stardate 70202.6."

Cooper nodded to no one and then started for the kitchen to feed the pets.

Cooper S. Newcastle
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division


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