Camp Falkirk


Camp Falkirk    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Operations   The Main Operations center of Camp Falkirk.
Commanding General's Office   Where General MacTaryn can generally be found.
Hula Pete's   The unofficial crew lounge of Camp Falkirk. When the Officer's/Enlisted mess just isn't quite enough, Hula Pete's is the place to be.
CG's Quarters   CG (Commanding General)'s quarters.
Medical Facility - Aceso   Starfleet Medical Research Facility - Aceso
Senior Officers Quarters   Senior Officers Quarters
Officers Quarters   Officers Quarters
Junior Officer's Quarters   Junior Officer's Quarters
NCO Quarters   Non Commissioned Officers Quarters
Senior NCO Quarters   Senior Non Commissioned Officers Quarters
Enlisted Quarters   Enlisted Bunk Rooms
Guest Quarters   Guest Quarters