Camp Falkirk

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Camp Falkirk - Semper Fi

Welcome to Camp Falkirk, the SFMC's newest and most advanced forward operating Camp.

Built within the sprawling, snow covered mountain ranges of Catus XI, Falkirk's purpose is to serve as a staging and training facility for the Corps and to act as a forward operating base for any and all activity in the Aurellian Belt - the newly explored sector of space they now call home.

The Aurellian Belt is perched along the edge of an unexplored region of space colloquially known as the Desolate Expanse by those few species that have braved the Aurellian Belt - of which few have crossed into and lived to tell the tale. The Belt itself is home to dozens of systems and hundreds of worlds, almost all of which are uninhabited and barely habitable; much like Catus XI.

Beyond the belt is the Desolate Expanse - an uninhabitable stretch of space filled with strange anomalies and uncharted planetoids. There are whispers of a great power that inhabits the far side, but no Starfleet vessels have had any contact.

At least not yet.

Camp Falkirk stands at the edge, ready to defend the Federation and prepared to join the fight against the growing shadow here in the Aurellian Belt or anywhere in the Federation.

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Buaidh No Bas

Victory or Death.

The Marines of the Lightyear Division know that failure isn't an option. They are on the raggedy edge of the galaxy facing enemies that have no knowledge of the Federation, her ideals or the power she might muster once properly driven to act. The Marines know that retreat is impossible, and that to lose means giving the enemy a foothold they cannot afford to. There is only Victory, or Death.

Starfleet, the Marine Corps and the Federation are not certain what lies beyond the Desolate Expanse. Uncertain what enemy lurks in the void that has been harassing the population of the Aurellian Belt and testing the limits of Starfleet's power as they moved to defend their newly gained holdings. The lack of knowledge only makes Falkirk's presence that much more important as every day that passes finds everyone more and more convinced that there will not be a peaceful solution to be found.

Here on Catus XI, the 2nd Marine Division is training, developing, building and otherwise preparing themselves, Starfleet and their beloved Corps for whatever fight lay in store. As the knowledge of the Aurellian Belt begins to spread throughout the Federation and related space, bringing with it a flood of refugees and pioneers looking to forge new lives away from the hustle and bustle of the core worlds it puts the Marines of Falkirk into a tighter position, now poised to defend not only themselves, but the civilians streaming into the area.

Base on High Alert.