Camp Falkirk

Deck Listing

Main Layout · Level One · Level Two · Level Three · Level Four · Level Five · Level Six · Level Seven · Level Eight · Level Nine · Level Ten · Level Eleven · Level Twelve

Main Layout

Level One

Command HQ/Combat Information Center (CIC), Commanding General's Office, Divison XO's Office, Main Briefing Room, Primary Sensor Array, Primary Weapons Control

Level Two

Command Center Armory, Secondary Armory, Weapons Control, Computer Core

Level Three

Commanding General's Quarters, Division XO's Quarters, Senior Officer Quarters

Level Four

Weapons Range 1-4, Training Holosuites 1-15, Officer Barracks, Quartermaster Facilities

Level Five

Starfleet Research Facility - Aceso (Starfleet Personnel Only)

Falkirk Medical Facility (Five Sub Levels within Level Five):

Level One: (Facility Services) Labs, Porters, Kitchens, Pharmacy
Level Two: (Main Level) Lobby/Reception, Walk-in patient clinic (Dentists, General Practice), Emergency, Cafeteria, Interfaith Chapel
Level Three: (Working) Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery (Operating Rooms), Some Specialists Offices/Examination Rooms (ie: Cardiology), Emergency Medical Transporters, EMH Control
Level Four: (Recovery Wards) Long term patient ward, Isolation Ward, Private Rooms, Some Specialists Offices/Examination Rooms (ie: Physiotherapy Suites)
Level Five: (Administration) Offices, Conference rooms, Some Specialists Offices/Examination Rooms, Staff lounge, Medical Labs, Medical Storage

Science Labs: Chief Science Officer's Office, Stellar Cartography, Forensic Evaluation Labs, Archaeological Labs, Science Labs, Secondary Sensor Array

Marine Officer Quarters, Starfleet Officer Quarters (grouped)

Level Six

Chief Security Office, Brig 1 (4 cells), Intelligence Suites, Battalion Staff Offices, Tertiary Armory, Officer Barracks

Level Seven

Main Armory, Computer Core, Primary Sensor Array (Main Station), Primary Communications Array, Transporter Rooms 1-4

Junior Officer Quarters, Senior NCO Quarters

Level Eight

Chief Engineering Officer's Office, Primary Power Distribution Node and Controls, SIF Maintenance and Monitoring, Engineering Labs, Secondary Computer Core, Emergency Batteries, Industrial Replicators, Static Warp Core, Fusion Cores, Battery Power Systems

NCO Quarters

Level Nine

Cargo Transporters, Spare Parts Storage, Food Storage, Material Storage, Cargo Bay Storage

Enlisted Quarters, Civilian Quarters

Level Ten

Civilian Promenade, Chief Diplomatic Office, VIP Conference Suites, VIP Staterooms

Level Eleven

Air Wing Ready Room, CAG's Office, Fighter Storage, Maintenance Office, Maintenance Supply Storage, Fuel Storage, Industrial Replicators, Fighter Vessel Armory

Armored Battalion CO's Office, Armored Vehicle Storage, Armored Vehicle Secure-Link Transporter (to Main Armory), Maintenance Office, Fuel Storage

Level Twelve

USS Devil Dog Berthing, Support Craft Berthing, Shuttlebay Manager's Office, Support Craft Maintenance Offices/Storage, Fuel Storage, Secure-Link Transporter Pad (linked to Main Armory)