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Colonel Graysen Sadler

Name Graysen Sadler

Position Lightyear Division XO

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 161lbs.
Hair Color Black with Early signs of Gray
Eye Color Green
Physical Description After over two decades in the Marine Corps, Graysen is in still in surprisingly good shape, even after having been a Tanker for more than a decade of those years. Graysen is the perfect height for someone who served in the cramped spaces of the Coyote and Chieftain's, coming in at a shorter than average 5'9". He has a somewhat medium build, coming in at 161 lbs, with not too broad shoulders and a fairly muscular build. He has on the shorter side of Medium length hair that's black. He wouldn’t admit it, but there is some early signs of gray creeping into the edges. Graysen shaves daily but typically has that dark five o'clock shadow by the end of the day. Between the black, Graysen has bright Green eyes that stand out.

Though Graysen has no discernable accent when he speaks, it's sometimes easy to figure out where he comes from thanks to some of the slang he uses.

While on duty, Graysen wears a Duty Variant with his jacket open. He finds the mobility of the loose jacket preferable to the more confined version of a closed jacket. Underneath he wears a Duty vest just so that he has the option of taking off the Jacket. He keeps his sidearm holstered in a leg holster, taking it literally everywhere with him, regardless of proper company, a habit he picked up during the Dominion War.

While off duty, Graysen dresses smartly, a button down shirt, or a nice sweater, with a pair of comfortable jeans. On a lazy day, Graysen can be found in those same jeans, but generally with a T-shirt or a Thunder Ridge hoodie.


Spouse Morgan Sadler [45]
Children Cadet Ian Sadler [19]
Cassandra Sadler [16]
Father Vice Admiral Harrison Sadler [73], Starfleet Security
Mother Commodore Alexis Sadler [72], Starbase One
Brother(s) Captain Jacob Sadler, USS Vancouver [45 - Twin]
Sister(s) Commander Jessica Sadler, USS Horizon [39]
Other Family Lieutenant Commander Allison Sadler (nee Schnecal), USS Vancouver [43]
Hailey Sadler (nee Logan), USS Horizon[38]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Graysen was the black sheep of the family from a young age. Growing up in a Starfleet family, one that strived for science and more operations and engineering based knowledge, Graysen was always a bit different. Though he loved those same engineering aspects that his brother did, Graysen also had a love for fire, a bit of a pyromaniac. Thanks to his knowledge in engineering, this quickly evolved into a love of all this explosive, and though this leant itself well to a more tactical Starfleet background, the efforts of his father to show him that life never appeased Graysen. It's thanks to his upbringing though in a Starfleet Family that Graysen doesn’t hold that seemingly rampant contempt Marines seem to hold for Starfleet.

Overall, Graysen is an Intelligent man who has dedicated his life to the Marine corps. He is a constant optimist, always looking for the best picture in life regardless of the situation. He has more than once lifted the spirits of his marines by looking at the bright side of life. Cool under pressure and a natural leader who works hard to learn the name of most of his marines, Graysen has earned the respect of his men countless times, in situations that have made some of even the toughest Marines crack. That being said, more senior officers are sometimes off put by his more laidback command style in which he opts for the more informal rather than the formal style of command. Though he still expects the salute when they first meet and to hold up to the standards of the Marine Corps, Graysen's style of learning names tends to lead him to be on a first name basis with a lot of his more senior officers and NonComs.

Graysen has an odd sense of humor that always seems to come out and some inopportune times. Combined with his sometimes lack of a verbal filter, this can get him into trouble. Though Graysen has a long fuse, whenever his fuse is lit, much like his profession, his anger tends to be explosive depending on the audience and situation, things tend to break.

After a long career in the Marine corps, with the majority of them having been served within the Armoured battalions, Graysen has an intricate knowledge of a majority of the vehicles used by the Starfleet Marine Corps, as well as the best uses for them, and a good operational knowledge of Armour tactics.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intricate knowledge of the workings of an Armoured Battalion and Armoured Warfare
+ Explosions.
+ Leader who cares about his men, makes an effort to learn names
+ Cool under pressure
+ Intelligent

= Reasonable relationship with Fleet personnel, He's the only Marine in a Fleet family after all.
= Laidback command style, More informal than formal
= Odd sense of humour

- An average marksmen, just barely above the Marine Standards
- Things tend to break when he gets really angry.
- No filter
- Can't stand fools
Ambitions Graysen has mainly achieved what he wanted to by this point. He's been involved with the development of a new Variant of the Coyote APC, command his own Regiment of Marines and his son has decided to carry on the family legacy and join the Service. The only thing he'd like to do at this point is make Stars and possibly get his own Division.
Hobbies & Interests Graysen enjoys anything with wheels or treads. Since being a kid, he has fiddled engines and the inner workings of machines. Mixed with an interest in explosives and a slight perchance for fire, Graysen was destined for the Armoured life. He likes the big guns, and the big explosions.

Other than Marine based hobbies and interests, Graysen enjoys a multitude of things. He enjoys playing Pool, reading a good book now and again, and learning different sports.

Personal History Born in 2346 to Commander Harrison Sadler and Lieutenant Alexis Sadler in Vancouver in what used to be Canada on Earth. Due to complications, Graysen and his twin brother Jacob were born at exactly the same time when they were emergency transported out of their mother. This has led to many arguments over the years between the brothers as they tried to figure out who was the older one. Graysen and Jacob were a lot alike from a young age, both had a love of Engineering, though for Graysen it was more of a love of destroying then fixing rather than taking apart orderly then putting back together again.

As they grew older and their parents were transferred to the USS Haywood, Graysen began to get a look at what Starfleet was all about. Though he loved the thought of exploring the galaxy and getting to know the species and worlds that made up the Federation, Graysen soon learned that while Starfleet offered all these things and more as he grew up a Starfleet brat, Graysen soon began to learn that with his love for more destructive tendencies combined with his love of engineering, Starfleet really didn’t seem to suit the idea he had for his future. It was around then that Graysen met the Marines assigned to the Haywood. Even with the friction between Starfleet and Marines, Graysen's parents soon warmed up to the idea as even as a Marine, Graysen would still be carrying on the tradition of serving the Federation that his family had upheld for generations.

After some initial training, more cadet styled to get him a taste of the lifestyle, Graysen feel in love. As soon as he turned the age of 18, Graysen applied for Thunder Ridge, one of the Marine Corps two academy style education facilities. At the same time, Graysen's brother applied for Starfleet Academy. With his family name and their service record to Starfleet, Graysen was quickly accepted.
Service Record 2364 - Accepted into Thunder Ridge Academy
Thunder Ridge fascinated Graysen at the start. The facility was located on an uncharted planet, where no officer would say, somewhere far from Earth. The longer Graysen was at Thunder Ridge though, the longer the fascination diminished. Life at Thunder Ridge was hard, along with standard academic studies more suited for Marines than Starfleet officers, Graysen and his fellow cadets went through a full battery of basic training in their first year alone.

Throughout the years, along with academics, Graysen and the other marines were taught marksmanship, basic infantry schooling and small unit tactics. In terms of academics, Graysen was an above average student, nowhere near the top of the class, but still maintaining decent grades throughout his time at the Academy. Where Graysen really excelled was the more hands on training and the active training.

By his fourth year, thanks to counselling from more senior officers, Graysen had figured out what he wanted to do when he graduated and join the Armoured branch of the Marine Corps. He began to specialize his learning in armour tactics, went over historical armoured battles from the Battle of the Bulge in World War Two to several battles during the Third World War. By the time he had graduated from Thunder Ridge in 2368, Graysen had already lined up his application for Armoured training.

2368 Graduation from Thunder Ridge

Following his graduation in 2368 and commission as a Second Lieutenant Graysen forwarded his application for Armoured training the minute he was back from the parade ground. Thanks to some of his more specialized learning habits in his last year and a good word put in by some of his training officers at the academy, Graysen was quickly accepted into the Program. In less time than it had taken to pack up and leave Thunder Ridge, Graysen was back again for Armour training. It was shortly after his beginning of Armoured training at Thunder Ridge that Graysen met Morgan, A civilian working as a contractor at Thunder Ridge. Their courtship was short, but intense, as Morgan constantly kept Graysen on his feet.

Armour Training was exciting for Graysen, it involved several things that he loved, big machines, fixing things and blowing things up. With the introduction of the Coyote Armoured Personnel Carrier, a vehicle that was still not in widespread use within the Marine Corps, Graysen became one of the first officers to command a squad of the machines during training. Upon his graduation from Armour training months later, Graysen was assigned as one of the Coyote Recon squadrons for the 8th Armoured Battalion of the 5th Marine Division out of Camp Yearling on the Cardassian Frontier. By this point, Graysen and Morgan's relationship had escalated to the point where he was in love with her. Not wanting to be split up from Morgan, a woman who kept him on his toes and someone who he loved, Graysen asked Morgan to marry him and come with him to Camp Yearling. Morgan accepted and they got married rather quickly, in the span of two weeks, much to the charagin of her family.

One thing that Graysen quickly learned about the Armoured lifestyle was that it involved a lot of training, and little actual action, unlike a lot of their counterparts in Infantry. As the Coyotes began to trickle down into more widespread use throughout the Marine Corps, Graysen quickly learned that he was one of the leading officers, despite his age, in knowledge of the Coyote and how they worked.

Graysen worked hard to help pass his knowledge to his fellow butter bar officers new to the Armoured lifestyle as he was. Graysen quickly became one of the more favoured CO's in the 8th for his more relaxed command styles. Even though he still required the best out of his Marines and pushed them hard to be the best, Graysen was an approachable CO who always had a moment for someone under his command.

Thanks to stellar records of his Squad throughout training as well as glowing reviews from his Commanding officer and the word of his enlisted personnel Graysen quickly stood out as one of the best officers within the 8th.

In 2372, Graysen's Son Ian was born.

At the start of 2373, Graysen was promoted to First Lieutenant thanks to his records and the respect he had earned. It was shortly after his promotion to First Lieutenant that things went to hell in a hand basket, and Graysen's training for the last 3 years finally began to pay off.

2373 Outbreak of the Dominion War

The Dominion war was something that stood out for the Marine Corps. It was here that they finally showed their worth to those at Starfleet Command that they were useful. For Graysen, it was the beginning of something that he had never thought would happen atleast not in his lifetime. All-out war was what he had trained for however, and Graysen turned out to be good at it.

Graysen had earned a reputation for being a commander who could get the best out of his Marines, and this reputation soon translated to wartime as well. Graysen soon learned that he had a natural knack for armoured tactics, especially on the fly when set tactics went to hell in a handbasket. Graysen also soon became intimately familiar with the works of the Coyote, in ways he could have never during peacetime. This knowledge would come in handy many times during the Dominion war.

One of the most notable deployments that Graysen took part in during the Dominion War was the Battle of Illustna. What would quickly be known as one of the worst battles in Marine Corps history, the Battle of Illustna soon pitted the entire 5th Division against the Jem'Hadar. Graysen earned a reputation for bringing Marines home in some of the most unexpected ways, including bolting makeshift armoured platting onto Coyotes under his command to increase their chances of surviving.

In 2374, Garysen's Daughter Cassandra was born.

Towards the end of the war, in 2375, thanks to his stellar war record and his inspired tactics, Graysen was promoted to the rank of Captain. And upped to the command of a Platoon. As the 8th entered Cardassian space in support of Starfleet, Graysen was involved with the initial landing on Cardassia along with the either 5th Division and a good number of Starfleet Security.

After the surrender of the Dominion, Graysen would spend almost 2 years on Cardassia, helping with the rebuild effort and policing as the Cardassians rebuilt their city after the devastation of the genocide the Jem'Hadar had tried to commit. Following the 8th's removal from Cardassia, it was assigned to Bajor for a number of months as a precaution before it was finally transferred back to Camp Yearling. For the next three years, Graysen helped to rebuild the 8th Battalion and began advocating some upgrades to the Coyote, upgrades he had learned could be a major help towards it's survivability.

In 2380, Graysen was promoted to Major and with that a transfer to Thunder Ridge. Assigned to the Armoured Training school, Graysen began to train the new generations of tankers and armoured commanders many of the tactics he had learned over the years, and many of the tactics he had developed himself during the Dominion War. It was here that Graysen too began to push even harder for the modifications to the Coyote he had been dreaming up since the early days of the Dominion War and the flaws he had figured out in the design.

In 2384 after years of lobbying it, Graysen was approached by the Starfleet Engineering corps to begin work on the first major upgrade to the Coyote since its introduction. Transferring back to Earth, Graysen began work on the upgrade with many other Marine Officers and a host of Starfleet Engineers. Thanks to being one of the only officers assigned to the project with real experience using the Coyote during wartime conditions, Graysen was a valuable asset for the team.

In 2386, Graysen was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, this promotion, though a long time coming was a byproduct of the introduction of the Grizzly sub variant of the Coyote. An up-armoured, more heavily armed version of the Coyote, the Grizzly was the result of a number of suggestions Graysen and a number of other Marine officers had put forward. With a larger engine as well, the Grizzly was a bigger and better version of the Coyote in almost every way. Due to some manufacturing issues though, the Grizzly was not able to be mass produced at the same level of the Coyote, and is still not in widespread use within the Marine Corps to this day.

Assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Division based on Earth as a Regimental Executive, Graysen began training once again in Armoured tactics. With the introduction of the Chieftain Main Battle tank as well, another design thanks to the Dominion War, Graysen began dreaming up even more ideas towards what he could do with Armoured units.

Recently in 2391, Graysen has been promoted to a full bird Colonel and assigned something he had been looking forwards to for almost two decades, and gained command of a Regiment in 2nd Division, Lightyear Division.