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Laura Stout

Name Laura Stout

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 68kg
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Long, lean and just a little too thin, Laura has the gaunt cheeks and haunted eyes of a woman who doesn't sleep. With her hair, an unkempt mess of light brown that falls just short of her shoulder blades, rumpled appearance and sallow, almost sickly complexion, she is the kind of person good, upright citizens prefer to avoid.

Whether or not Laura's preference for baggy coveralls, a size too big just about everywhere, is a conscious choice or the product of ill health is a matter of debate. But by the stains and their well worn, sometimes threadbare appearance, no one can argue that it's look she's sported for some time.

Laura walks with rounded shoulders and her head down just enough for her hair to obscure her face. At times, such as at the controls of shuttle or ship, there is an unconscious grace and arrogance in her movements that, depending upon how much she's had to drink, sometimes hovers on the border of languid and sloppy. More often, her movements are quick and jerky, almost furtive.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Stout (deceased)
Mother Maja Stout (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laura is not an easy person to know. She is the person in the corner or at the dark end of the bar, nursing a drink or three, surrounded in aura of gloom. Guarded and secretive, she does not encourage conversation and when she does talk it's short and sharp and never about herself.

To most people, she gives the impression of always having one foot on the next shuttle to anywhere but here. To those who care to look closer, there is a certain wide-eyed tension that speaks to someone with things to hide and people to hide them from.

Prone to panic attacks (particularly around marines), bouts of depression and periods of intense brooding Laura nonetheless has a core of steel and pure stubbornness. Those who get to know her may even, if they're very, very lucky, catch a glimpse of a different, happier person beneath all the gloom.

Laura has a strong preference for solitude, finding people to be too intrusive, often demanding more from her than she has the energy or will to give. Nonetheless, she likes to be around people, just not too close. A dark bar with only a few patrons and a bartender who doesn't ask questions is her second favourite place to be.
Her favourite place is behind the controls of a shuttle, starship or even a work-bee.

Laura has a strong dislike of marines. A glimpse of a khaki uniform is enough to make her heart pound and her throat go dry, and she will go out of her way to avoid them.
Strengths & Weaknesses [-] recovering addict and borderline alcoholic
[-] self-absorbed
[-] in hiding – jumpy, paranoid and secretive

[+] tenacious
[+] in the pilot’s chair – confident to the point of arrogance, with the skills to back it up
[+] good at on-the-fly planning
Ambitions Laura's greatest ambition is to find some sort of peace from the things that haunt her. Until recently, she's found a modicum of that through drugs and drink, but nothing stops the nightmares and the guilt that dogs her steps.

Currently, on her first steps to getting clean, her primary goal is to make it through the day without getting high.
Hobbies & Interests Laura's first love is flying and her second, any vehicle that will let her do that. However, she still finds an inordinate amount of time in which to brood. Oftentimes, such brooding involves drinking or staring into an empty glass and at others it involves folding napkins into intricate works of art.

Laura's also a fair hand at poker.

Personal History Laura Stout was born in New Berlin on Luna, the only child of two hard-working parents, John and Maja Stout.

John and Maja regularly took the shuttle service to Lunaport, where they both worked as cargo masters, shifting freight around the system. It was early on a Thursday morning when they were both killed in a freak accident. A work-bee collided with an airlock, causing a catastrophic rupture that killed John Stout outright while Maja Stout was spaced and ultimately died of asphyxiation.

Laura was three.

With no other family, Laura grew up in a home for foundlings, where by all accounts, she grew into an unremarkable teenager. She attended the local school, obtained reasonable but ultimately forgettable grades, and generally failed to distinguish herself in any possible way. Her very unremarkable-ness may, in itself, have made her remarkable, if she hadn't been so brown and drab that she faded into the background.

She did the most remarkable thing of her life the day after she turned sixteen, hopping a one-way transport out of Lunaport to nowhere in particular. What happened to Laura after that was anyone's guess.

There were further no records of her after she left Lunaport (and, incidentally, no visual record of her from before she left), until she popped up fifteen years later, back in Lunaport, just another down-on-her-luck pilot looking for a job.

After Lunaport, she moved from one cruddy job to the next, fired as often as not for being either drunk or high, sometimes both. The jobs, already seedy, only grew more so, until she found herself in the ass end of nowhere, flying a freighter that was more rust than bucket for a captain shadier than most.

It was that last job, carrying a 'don't ask' cargo to a no-name colony in the Aurellian Belt, that almost got her killed.