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Captain Cooper Newcastle

Name Cooper Sayer Newcastle

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terra Novan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82m (5.9ft)
Weight 89kg (196lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Cooper Sayer Newcastle is a handsome Marine. Standing at 1.82 meters (5.9 feet) tall with short cropped black hair, weighing 89 kg (196 pounds) he has a well-muscled body. His light brown skin, characteristic of people from the Earth colony of Terra Nova, and expressive brown eyes tend to soften his appearance. He has an awesome smile and a strong brow. His broad shoulders and muscled arms and back show that the time spent in the gym has paid off and the dedication that work takes. He is proud of his physical fitness. He works himself hard to keep fit with “washboard abs” and strong legs. He has on his right pectoral muscle a tattoo of the SFMC logo. Otherwise, he has smooth healthy skin, a great smile, a hearty laugh and a deep voice. The Marine life has been good to him. It was not always so.


Spouse Spouse: Mina Newcastle nee Pellar (deceased 2385)
Children Children: Sayer Ardin Newcastle (deceased 2385; 3 yrs old)
Father Ardin Newcastle (Adopted)
Mother Arianna Newcastle (Adopted)
Brother(s) Harvard Newcastle
Sister(s) None
Other Family None. Just his Marine brothers and Sisters.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cooper, an orphan raised by Betazoid parents, was brought up and instilled with a love for the ideals of the United Federation of Planets. The whole notion of different peoples all working together towards a shared success and mutual respect was very appealing to him. He learned much of that from his adopted father Ardin. Cooper likes harmony and cooperation. He likes working together to the mutual benefit of everyone. In school, he was always asked and then elected to be class president of something. He was very popular and knew how to make other people feel good. He likes order and discipline. He admired and respected his adopted father and his adopted grandfather. His mother, he learned generosity, kindness, compassion and most of all…Love. He believed in the Federation so much that a copy of the Federation Charter hung on a poster in his bedroom.

But all of that changed on the 22nd of June 2385. His wife of four years and baby boy of three years were killed just minutes before he could reach them. Killed by angry Romulan refugees and former soldiers; former thugs who felt disenfranchised and disavowed by both the Romulan Empire and the Federation. Cooper, training to be a Starfleet Officer at the Starfleet extension school on Terra Nova, came home to see his quarters and family pillaged and severely injured. He held his wife and child in his arms and they died before help arrived. That changed him.

He asked to be immediately transferred to the Starfleet Marine Corps. He was angry and deeply hurt. Starfleet did nothing to help. He applied directly to the Marine Corp on Terra Nova – against the wishes of his father and brother and trained to be a fighter. Trained to be a warrior.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strongwilled – Cooper does not give up. Knock him down; he gets right back up.

+ Dedicated – He loves being a Marine. He found that his knowledge and love of Federation Law was useful to the SFMC.

+ Loyal – Marines are his brothers and his sisters. In his time of need, when he was hurting, Marines were there for him and made him into the strong man he is today. He tries to be that person to every person he meets. Looks for the good in them and focuses on that.

- Anger and Vengeance – He carries a chip on his shoulder. He will never allow what happened to Mina and Sayer happen to anyone else.

- Fear of loving – He is kind of afraid to get close too close to people. He remains somewhat emotionally detached to protect himself from feeling the awful pain of having the people he loves ripped away from him.

- Doesn’t take well to criticism. His older brother, Harvard, at least in Cooper’s eyes, was very hard on him. Especially when Cooper went off and joined the Marines knowing that their father did not want Cooper to do that. He can’t stand to have his motives or his actions picked apart by people. Especially by his older brother Harvard.
Ambitions Cooper wants to bring to more people the benefits and cooperation that initially won his heart as a young man. He has the idea that if only people were not Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired – that they would be more open to the equality and the freedoms under the Federation Charter. To him, the Federation Charter is the way to go. From this point forward; other people’s, alien cultures and civilizations can be as unique as they want to be – as long as they align themselves and fall within the boundaries of the Federation. On a very personal note, he does want to seek out and find the Romulan bastards that killed his wife and boy. It is not a “vendetta”; but he is not opposed to using some…”unorthodox”…means to make that a reality.
Hobbies & Interests Cooper *LOVES* contact sports. Football, Parresis Squares, Velocity and Hoverball. And he is very good at them. He loves to play anything outdoors. He loves going to sport games. He loves his favorite teams:

Terra Novan Titans (Football)
The Sersan Kings (Parresis Squares – Team Fontalis)
The Mauraders (Velocity Champs – Mars Perimeter Defense)

Cooper also loves to eat. Sometimes he jokes that he works out so hard just so that he can eat anything he wants. He especially loves Betazoid dishes and spicy food from Bajor.

Personal History Cooper was orphaned when he was just seven years old. His mother and father were both Terra Novans but they fell on hard times. His father was a compulsive gambler who used to take his frustrations out on his wife and child. Cooper has very little memory of those days of being hit and smacked about. Cooper never knew what happened to his dad. His only memory was his dad shouting at him that he was an “accident”. Mom, simply could not keep up with the young boy. And she also knew that life with her held little promise. One day, the authorities came to their little quarters on the south side of town. Cooper went to child services and was remanded to the child protective services on Terra Nova. He remained there, a ward of the state, in and out of foster homes until he was ten. Then his life changed.

Ardin and Arianna Newcastle opened their home to the foster care system. And Cooper came to live with them when he was ten. Cooper had never seen such loving people. He had a dad to look up to and who never struck him. Arianna loved him too and read to him, walked with him and talked with him. And he had an older brother. Cooper loved Harvard. Harvard was smart and strong. Harvard was his big brother. Harvard was there for him, he helped him get in (and out of) trouble. Cooper wanted to be like Harvard. Everybody liked Harvard. Girls and guys wanted to be near Harvard and Cooper liked that.

The Newcastle’s believed in him and he started to believe in himself. Cooper got a good education. Good food to eat and Harvard took him to the gym and played sports with him. He owes so much of his life to them.

That year, 2372, Betazoid was attached by the Dominion. Cooper remembers how awful and fearful those days were.

In 2379, he met the love of his life, Mina Pellar. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was a native Terra Novan, like Cooper and he adored her. That same year, he entered the extension school for Starfleet on Terra Nova.

In 2381, Cooper marries Mina. Ardin and Arianna think he is too young. But, Harvard supports him. Harvard convinces their Mom and Dad that Cooper and Mina are in love and it is a good thing. Cooper and Mina move out and have their own rented quarters not far from the SFMC base on Terra Nova. Cooper passes the base everyday on his way to the Starfleet OCS school.

2382, Mina gives birth to Sayer Newcastle. Cooper is a proud and loving father. Determined to give his wife and his son a stable and loving home. Life is good.

2385 – June the 22nd. That evening, after work, Cooper was on his way home. He was tired but happy. He hadn’t heard from Mina all day. That was a little unusual. As he walked down the street after exiting the light rail car, he saw the front door to their quarters open. As he got closer, he could see that a fire had broken out. He rushed inside to see Mina had been beaten. Her beautiful face was marred and bruised. She was crying and bleeding. All she could say was in broken sentences to look for Sayer. Cooper found his baby boy had been shot at point blank range. The quarters had been looted and the Ambassador’s files on the computer were gone. Mina had tried to stop them. Little Sayer cried and cried and these…murders shot their baby boy. Mina held their child and she died in Coopers arms that night. He was so angry! Cooper was filled with rage and deep sorrow. The investigation turned up nothing. No leads and no clues. He felt all alone and he wanted vengeance.

2386 – Fed up with the red tape, the bureaucracy, the double talk, the desire not to offend “anyone”; Filled with a desire to act and to change the present and the future. Cooper asks for a transfer to the Marine Corp. That night, he and Ardin and Harvard and their mother have a terrible fight over his decision. Going against everyone’s wishes, Cooper leaves and transfers off of Terra Nova to SFMC: Camp Lisdalon in Obsidian Fleet.

2387 – 2391 – Cooper has little contact with any of his family. His father and his mother write to him every month. He never writes back. He can’t forgive himself for what happened to Mina and Sayer. He focuses on nothing but work. He pushes his body and his mind. He is determined that such an atrocity committed by common murders and thugs will never happen again. When a position of Chief Diplomat for the Marines opens up at Camp Falkirk – he grabs that opportunity to make a difference. No one tells him and he never dreams that Harvard, his older brother, whom he still respects and loves…would be the Starfleet Diplomat on the other side of the equation.
Service Record 2361 – 00 – born on Terra Nova to Novan parents (Human Colonists).
2372 – 11 – Battle of Betazed - Many Novan’s enlist in the Marine Corps to help defend the Federation from the oncoming Dominion invasion. That same year SFMC opens Boot Camp at Logan City.
2379 – 18 – Cooper attends the SFMC Service Academy at Thunder Ridge while studying Federation History, Ethics and Alien Civilizations and attending the ROTC program.
2381 -- 20 – Mina and Cooper get married.

2383 – 22 – Cadet Cooper Newcastle graduates and is a commissioned 2nd Lieutenant. His first posting is to the Federation Embassy on Terra Nova in the Ambassador’s office.

2386 -- 25-- Transfers to SFMC: Lisdalon and earns his 1st Lieutenant bars.
2386 – 25 – Transfers to USS HALE. Promoted to Command of 1st and 2nd Squads.
2388 – 27 – USS Victorious, Awarded command of 4th Platoon SAR

2389 -- 28 – Earns his extension course certification for Diplomatic Aide - Marines

2391 -- 30 – A successful two-year deployment and classroom learning at Obsidian Fleet’s Langley Station earning his Marine Captain rating.
2391 -- 30 -- Posted to SFMC: Camp Falkirk on the edge of the Expanse.