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Captain Shea Parnell

Name Shea Ann Parnell

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 139lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Shea is a slight woman in most senses of the word. While taller than the average woman, she is not much of a physical presence. She is thinner that would probably be suggested by most medical personnel for her age, though that is not a result of anything she's done.

Softspoken woman with a plain, middle-American accent, who takes a more polite matter-of-fact approach than others do. She will call you out on the carpet on whatever issue is at hand, but she does it in a polite way, as if she was your mother and could see right through whatever smokescreen you'd presented.


Spouse William Torrey (Divorced)
Children Wendy (14), Grace (16)
Father Duke Parnell
Mother Francine Parnell
Brother(s) Jackson (+2yrs), Bradley (-2 yrs)
Sister(s) Joanna (+1 yr), Wendy (-1 yrs, deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Passive almost to the point of foolishness. While she's not afraid to offer her frank (and politely/pointedly worded) thoughts, she is the last one to commit to physical confrontation. It is what makes her such an ideal Science mission officer but it is also how she has nearly cost her crew/ship their lives.

Science is her strength and her passion. Shea came up on various different Science vessels, only transferring herself over to Command when she had reached the pinnacle of that career line. She has always dreamed of commanding her own science vessel at the forefront of discovery and all but begged Admiral Sepandiyar (pulling every favor she had owed to get the audience) to bring her and her crew along for their deep space cruise.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength's

- Scientific Theory.
- Astrophysics.
- Diplomacy
- Conflict Diffusion


- Tactical Awareness
- Self-Sufficiency (Proud to lead, but scared to be alone without the Starfleet network closeby)
Ambitions To make a major scientific discovery.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking (with real ingredients, not replicated), Gidget HoloNovels, Science Periodicals/Reading, Anything to do with her girls' education.

Personal History After a career spanning all aspects of Science and Federation Space, Shea found herself enjoying life. Her family, husband and daughters were enjoying all that Starfleet had to offer and were living the dream - or so she thought. Her life as a Science Officer was moving forward swiftly, but her personal life began to quickly unravel as her husband of nearly two decades abruptly asked for a divorce and left her and her daughters behind to try his luck with a much younger version of Shea.

With her husband gone and her daughters now looking to her to lead the family, Shea thought it would do them all well if she shifted out of Science and into Command with the hopes that they could find themselves even farther away from the memories of their past with the Father that no longer was interested in them.