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Colonel Maxwell Richardson

Name Maxwell Kristian Richardson MD. (*)

Position Guest Star

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Brown streaked with Grey
Eye Color Green
Physical Description If you were lying in a hospital bed and pictured a doctor walking towards you, you likely wouldn’t picture Maxwell. Tall, broad and square, he looks far more like the Marine he is, than the doctor he was expected to be. A squared jaw face matched to weather hardened skin. Deep, forest green eyes peer out from the face, an oddly calming feature. A few small scars dot his face, with wrinkles to age him a few years more than he should be. His hair, once a chocolate brown, is streaked with grey.

The rest of him is as out of place in a hospital as his face. Taller than average, with broad shoulders, he is imposing to look at. This is made more so by the pockmarked scars along his body from conflicts and the stress of his years as a Marine. Furthermore, the man has an artificial lung on his right side, as well as his middle and ring finger on his right hand are artificial from the same accident.


Spouse Doctor Ashlynn Richardson, MD
Children Abigail Richardson (21) [SFA Senior], Lucas Richardson (15)
Father Lucas M. Richardson, RET ADM, Starfleet Tactical
Mother Ilaria Richardson, PhD Psych.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The personality of the Colonel depends greatly on who you ask, and your perception of a Marine versus a Doctor. When acting as a doctor, the man can be smooth spoken, almost relaxing, or he can be harsh and vocally punishing for acts of stupidity. These same traits carry over to his Marine life as well. Many have described him as a roving father figure, willing to talk a man down from feeling crushed by his own failure, but reminding the man not to make the mistakes that lead him there. It is rather rare for him to raise his voice, but it’s the silence that the men under his command fear the most; his forest green eyes staring into your soul to let you know how disappointed he is.

Loyal to a fault, the Colonel will fight to the death with his men, and on a few occasions it has lead to nearly that. He is also fiercely defensive of his family, and those he perceives to be family. Do not however mistake that kindness and loyalty for weakness, as a few have tried to abuse that loyalty and trust, and it has put them on the harsher side of the man, something he does not easily let go.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Level headed
+Natural Leader

-Quiet in anger
-Holds a grudge
-Strong distrust of Romulans
Ambitions Maxwell believes firmly that a man must be dedicated to his family first, and wishes to make the galaxy better for them. He does this through his devotion to the Corps and to keeping it moving forward.
Hobbies & Interests A taste for Old Earth Rock music has lead him to playing the electric guitar. He also has a love for painting, which he finds to be a refined and relaxing pastime. Old Earth motorcycles are another pastime of his, something his son shares with him.

Personal History It is not often a Fighter and a Psyche fall in love, but his parents did and that lead to the eldest son, Maxwell Kristian Richardson being born on Alpha Centauri, along with his three sisters in the years that followed. During his formative years, the man learned to see strategy the way his father did as a tactical officer, learning to love their bi-weekly exchanges of chess over subspace communication while his father served in the Federation-Cardassian War. Maxwell also learned from his mother the importance of caring for those around him, for building relationships.

It surprised few when Maxwell enrolled in the University of Alpha Centauri with an intention to get a medical Doctorate. He had always been good with treating people, such as his sister when they had injured themselves, and in 2370 graduated with full honours as a Medical Doctor. Some had found it odd he had decided to specialize in dealing with cybernetic attachment, something that at the time was less of a common specialty. Little did many know it would come in handy in the years that would come, seeing as the Federation would soon be in a war.

When the Dominion War broke out, it was hard for the young Doctor to sit by, and he was in the process of Commissioning with Starfleet, when the colony he was on was attacked. He had worked for hours alongside Marines to stabilize patients, taking the training his father had given him all those years ago and apply it to treating people in the field. After six months it became clear that the Federation wasn’t coming for them, that Starfleet wasn’t able to mount a successful rescue mission. During that time, the Doctor unofficially became a Marine, learning to operate their weapons to assist in retreats, to push advances. Many of those around him took to treating him as an Officer unofficially, a role that he ended up filling well.

In late 2374, help finally came, and evacuation ships were able to pull the remaining survivors off the colony and to the nearest defensible starbase. It was here that Doctor Richardson saw the devastation, he himself missing two fingers on his right hand, and a badly implanted artificial lung that he had had to leave specific instructions to do by a combat medic. Until the war ended, he spent the rest of his time deploying with Marines as a Combat Surgeon, assisting as far forward in the lines as he would be allowed by Starfleet. When the war ended, the man who had been so ready to join Starfleet was gone, and left in his place was a battle hardened soldier; a man who could not go back to the comfort of an office and a medical practice on a safe world. 2375 he was offered a commission with SFMC with recognition of his merits during the Dominion War and his training, he was offered the rank of Captain, which he accepted.

Following that the newly minted officer was pushed to the front lines of many minor conflicts that popped up against terrorist and rebel groups in the brief power vacuum of the aftermath of the Dominion War. He was also deployed to assist in the rebuilding efforts well into the 2380’s. It was during this period he met his future wife, also on deployment with Starfleet as a civilian doctor offering relief aid. The two hit it off naturally, and were married not two years after meeting. Maxwell would also go on to publish several papers in cybernetics on the front line, and the innovations he worked on to help severely crippled Marines get back on their feet, earned him an honorary Doctorate in Cybernetics, recognition for his work.

The Romulus Supernova that resulted in the fracturing of the Star Empire was the last major conflict the then Major would be deployed to. Operating out of the Romulan Neutral Zone, he would assist in several humanitarian missions, being sent to oversee Civilian rescue missions and provide medical assistance where possible. From 2387 until 2392 he would be stationed here, working his way up to the local Forward Operating Base Commanding Officer, working directly under Brigadier General Layla Hathaway, who was oveseeing all Marine Operations along the Neutral Zone. After this, he was assigned to Camp Falkirk, seen to be a more exploratory position, where he and his wife would be sent with their kids to assist in Medical Operations of the base, as well as provide his expertise to the base Commanding Officer, where it was felt his services would be better spent.