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Lieutenant JG Tyrion Faye

Name Tyrion Faye

Position Chief Intelligence Officer - Starfleet

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 178cm
Weight 77kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Black eyes typical to the Betazoid species that can appear to see right through you. Tyrion stands 178cm tall and is fairly strong but not visibly muscled. His complexion is reasonably pale despite spending hours in the virtual sunlight.


Spouse Milodov Ur (boyfriend); Grayson Jones (divorced, 2393)
Children Daughter: Danya
(genetically a match, but with discrepancies that show she's from the mirror universe) (born late 2392)
Father classified
Mother classified
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Three:
Older sisters: Rickya and Analynn
Younger sister: Danyelle
Other Family extensive

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally easygoing but temperamentful. Easily angered and can be spiteful. However, since having been married, Tyrion's perspective has changed and he's become more accepting of other people's natures, especially after having been somewhat forced to accept his own.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

+ Talent for computer systems
+ Open minded
+ Friendly


- Spiteful
- Vengeful
- Secretive
- Jealous
Ambitions Tyrion has no other ambition but to get as far away from his family as possible. He likes being out in the field, operationg alone and reporting to no-one.

His first ambition had to be revised when he met Grayson Jones, and he needed to learn more about his Betazoid heritage. Since then, he's learning to embrace his heritage and accept where he's come from and who he is.
Hobbies & Interests Tinker with computers, hacking into foreign systems.

Personal History Tyrion was born into a high-class Betazoid family, the third child of four and the only male child. He didn't take well to being bossed around by his sisters, thus fled to Starfleet at the earliest opportunity. He doesn't appreciate female superior officers but wouldn't go as far as being disrespectful to them.

Over the course of time, Tyrion has mellowed just a little, gradually becoming more accepting and tolerant but he still has quite the way to go.

While on an away mission, he was abducted by Romulans, tortured and subjected to mind control. As part of a test, he was made to murder the subject of his affections, Lieutenant Tyrek - a male science officer. Due to the mind control, Tyrion does not remember committing this heinous act and is actually driven in finding out who murdered his beloved. He was genuinely crushed upon learning of Tyrek's violent death.

While assigned to USS Galileo, he was reprimanded for spending too much time on his own investigation of Tyrek's death. When security took over, he quickly became the prime suspect and, with the help of Doctors Mott and Voutilainen, in 2391 discovered that he himself murdered his love interest Tyrek. He spent several days in the brig, and was stripped of his commission, thereby demoted to chief petty officer. The news nearly tore the Betazoid apart, but he accepted the sentence and was glad he could remain in Starfleet. He is very repentant of the act, though he was proven to have not been in his own mind or control when he committed the murder.

After celebrating shoreleave on SB84 (2391), took a dare from his roommate and best friend Pieter van Zyl after presenting him with a bald rat. He allowed Pieter to shave all his hair off, then returned the favour as part of the dare.

Just prior to the wargames with the Klingons, met acting Chief Engineer Grayson Jones and fell in love. They are currently dating and are spending every free minute not spent on duty, with each other.

After an adventure in the mirror universe, which allowed him (hopefully) to prove his worth as chief of intelligence, Tyrion had to go through several personal things. Firstly, his boyfriend Grayson was seriously injured and was held unconscious in sickbay. He spent every free minute he had in sickbay, watching over his partner. Unfortunately this led to serious neglect of his friendship with his roommate Pieter.

Secondly, just before the ship was returned to it's rightful universe, Tyrion was suddenly a father. A baby girl, which was a near perfect match to his genetics was suddenly entrusted to him. AS he can hardly deny the girl's parentage, he decided to accept responsibility for her and take her as his daughter.

After a brief marriage of a few months, Tyrion received papers which filed for a divorce, as submitted by then husband Grayson Jones. Though reluctant, and feeling heartbroken by the unexpected request, Tyrion signed the papers and returned them. Despite the divorce leaving him lonely and unhappy, he'd not want Grayson to be unhappy in any fashion. The marriage had been unexpected and unplanned, having occurred during a holiday to Betazed to set right an improperly created telepathic bond between the two men.

To get away from a place that left him with so many bad memories, Tyrion put in a transfer. He just needed to get away from the Galileo and the memories that were left by his ex-husband. Especially after getting into a physical altercation with his ex's best friend Doyle.

Not long after arriving on Falkirk, Tyrion met and suddenly found himself on a date with MP boss Milodov Ur. This progressed into the quicker than anticipated forming of a solid relationship and Tyrion is now proud -if not still a little uncertain about it - to call him 'boyfriend'.

Medical History:

During his service on the Chesapeake, Tyrion was captured and subjected to mind control. As a result of murdering his own love interest and only friend he had on the Chesapeake, as well as being injured in the process himself, Tyrion spent several days in sickbay under medical and psychological evaluation. Knowledge of his lover's death crushed him. He was demoted during a brief trial, but otherwise cleared of charges and allowed to resume his duties.

Was bonded with Grayson Jones, quite unintentionally and went to Betazed to have the bond fixed. Over time however, after divorcing Jones, the bond faded and disappeared.

Service Record 2388 - 2390: USS Chesapeake, Intelligence Officer
2390: USS Galileo, Intelligence Officer, later promoted to CIO
2392: Camp Falkirk, Chief Intelligence Officer