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Rose MacTaryn

Name Rose Idelle MacTaryn

Position MacTaryn Family

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 135lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green/Hazel
Physical Description Appears to be effeminate and perhaps a little bit delicate, but that's the outward persona that she presents to the world. Her inner strength is not something she ever really displays outwardly. She has a friendly and welcoming countenance that easily disarms others.

Unlike her husband, does not speak with a strong Scottish accent, though she shares the same heritage. Rose was raised off-world and never really picked up the accent in her normal speaking voice, but can turn it on at a moment's notice.


Spouse Iain MacTaryn
Children Wallace (30), Duncan (29), Ewan (28), Bruce (26), Idelle (25)
Father Ewan Dae
Mother Lily Dae
Brother(s) Ewan (+8), Cailean +(7)
Sister(s) Lily (+6)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Loyal beyond any definition of the word. A strong-willed woman of the highest degree; she has decided what it is she wants in life and (as always) once she decides on a path that is the path she stays on until there is no path left. It's both a positive and a negative and her husband and children all know that once she's decided, there's absolutely no convincing her to turn around.

Rose doesn't show her strength of character outwardly, instead she operates in quiet and gets what she needs done done. She's raised five children effectively on her own as her husband was always deployed or indisposed yet she managed just fine, even managing to help the other unit wives with their children and issues along the way. It was actually Rose performing well beyond her husband's rank and grade over the years.

Five children later, she's still crazy about children and wouldn't be opposed to another, though she knows Iain would never agree to it. In his mind, they're done.

With five boys and one girl, Rose naturally gravitates more to her daughter as she's so much like she was before she met Iain. Strong willed and determined to do things her way - not just follow the status quo.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Multi-tasking. Even the General forgets more than he cares to admit, and if it weren't for Rose in step beside him, he'd have embarrassed himself more than once. Almost an unwritten 'thank you' anymore.

+ Improvisation. As someone that's raised five kids alone more times than she wasn't, she's made almost a career of being able to improvise anything from a last second Halloween costume to a dress for the spring formal. If there was a master course on the subject, she'd be teaching it.

+ Loyalty/Steadfastness. Once Rose commits to something, it's nothing short of Armageddon that gets her to change.

- Once Rose commits to something, it's nothing short of Armageddon that gets her to change.
Ambitions Her dream is to convince her husband to retire and spend their days between lounging on a tropical beach planet somewhere, and visiting their many grandchildren. Iain's not the only one that's worked hard all their life. He has a shiny silver star on his collar to show for his hard work. She has five strong and healthy children to show for hers.
Hobbies & Interests - 18th Century Holonovels
- Terran cooking
- Violin
- Music-themed Holonovels

Personal History The great-great-grandaughter of Scottish colonists who left Earth to build their own utopia where they could foster their shared heritage and build a place for their own people. By Rose's generation, the utopian experiment had all but failed leaving scattered families about the poorly terraformed world. Those that were left had to find work doing whatever they could, from the legitimate import/export business to support the colonists to the shady dealings that never failed to bring a horde of Ferengi merchants to their door.

Rose's father was the former, a legitimate importer/exporter specializing in power core equipment. He was one of the best at finding the rarest of components and at taking Starfleet's scrap and turning it into valuable gems that he used to support his family for another month. Like any human and Federation citizen (which they all technically were) he could have taken his family back to earth and taken advantage of their Utopian world for themselves, he was just too stubborn. He'd committed to this life when he'd married his wife, and it would be hell or high water before he gave up on it - a trait the only one of his three children really inherited.

The youngest of three, Rose hated life on their backwater from as soon as she could understand that their world wasn't the only one out there. By age eight she'd tried to run away so many times that her father had given up hoping she would stay put when out of his sight and so always kept her in the corner of his eye. By twelve, she'd grown far more sophisticated in her flights but was not kept in check by her older brothers who were taking over the family business with their father.

Once or twice over the years, Rose had succeeded in getting off world, only to be hunted down quickly by her father or her brothers and promptly quarantined on their homeworld for the next few months. It drove her mother mad, but her father was convinced she would grow out of it, claiming he had the same notions when he was her age just without the stubborn determination.

On her thirteenth birthday, after the cake and ice cream was finished and the family fast asleep, Rose made the run that would define the rest of her life. She'd planned her run for a long time and succeeded only because she had tried so many times and knew exactly what her father and brothers would do. She left a nice glowing trail of breadcrumbs leading one way and instead stowed aboard a Vulcan freighter bound for the raggedy edge. At Deep Space Seven, she disembarked (narrowly avoiding a very un-logical Vulcan Captain) and managed to hide out from the security teams for a few days before convincing a young Ferengi Captain that she was valuable on Rekti Prime, and that her price would be considerably lessened if she were seen naked as Ferengi preferred their females. He was greedy enough to believe her. Rose high-tailed if off the Ferengi ship at Rekti prime, using what she'd learned shadowing her father for all those years to kill power on the Ferengi ship and distract the skipper from her flight.

Almost two years passed that saw Rose settling on Cait and working odd jobs, from tending tables at a Vulcan Tea House to cleaning dishes in a greasy spoon's kitchen. All along the way she managed to convince those she was working for that she was far older than she truly was, and was able to give herself a life that she'd never have been able to have back home. She loved the eclectic variety of species and individuals that she got to see every day and never once considered going back, not even when the goings got rough and the jobs got hard. She had committed to this path, and she was going to stick it out until there wasn't any path left. It was at the greasy spoon that she first met the Marine that would be the rest of her life.

He showed up at the greasy with five of his fellow Marines, all of them hungover and looking for something heavy to soak up the alcohol from the night before. It was still early in her shift, and she was alone, so she had to tend the rowdy crew on her own. All of the Marines hit on her shamelessly as she served them their meals, seemingly trying to one up one another just to see if they could. Only one Marine didn't participate outright, though he shared in their mirth. They all finished their meals and were on their way none too soon for her. The next day, one of those Marines came back - alone.

The young Lieutenant sat down alone at a table and began by apologizing profusely for their behavior the day before, and insisted that Rose let him take her out to make up for it. She didn't answer him, so he just sat there, ordering small plate after small plate waiting for her answer. She never did, and with no choice but to leave and report for duty, he left. But he returned the next day, and the next, until Rose finally agreed to have dinner with him.

It started as a quiet dinner at a restaurant that served Italian-Bajoran fusion, and a gentle kiss good night, but by the third date it had turned into a hot and heavy relationship that soaked up every free hour that either of them had. Iain was young, eager and had been so long away from any kind of female attention that he drank up every bit of Rose who, for her part, was neck deep in the only 'adult' relationship she'd ever had, despite not being quite an adult herself. Something she'd shared with no one. As far as the world knew she was a twenty-something young woman just trying to make her way. But she couldn't tear herself away from him, as much as she knew she needed to.

Her world came crashing down around her ears when she woke up one morning too ill to hold anything down. She had managed the last couple years without any kind of medical attention because she knew it would tag her in the system and leave a trail for her father and brothers to track her down, but she had no choice. She couldn't hardly walk, let alone work, so she broke down and went to the Federation Medical clinic on Cait and got checked out. The attending physician, Doctor Turan, broke the hard news to her. She wasn't sick - she was pregnant. Further medical examination typically required the consent of the patient so that he could determine the genetic signature of the father and report that accordingly, but in her case, he couldn't as it was very clear by her Federation records (which he brought up) that she was underage. That scan required both her and her legal guardian's consent. Federation Security was waiting outside the patient room where she was waiting.

After a mild analgesic and antacid, Rose was able to at least get around, and told Doctor Turan that her father worked at the greasy spoon, but that the man responsible for this worked in the receiving yards at the spaceport. Turan was naive enough (and hopeful enough) to believe her and so Federation security went out following her leads, giving her just enough innocent space that she was able to make a run for it. She didn't get too far before Federation Security was on her tail.

Rose found Iain and his comrades in team #11 coming back from field maneuvers and must have looked desperate enough in her flight that they spirited her quickly away to an alley where they were cornered by Federation Security. The Marines, looking out for their brother and team leader, refused to give Rose up to Security. After a tense standoff, security retreated (not wanting to go toe to toe with Force Recon Marines) leaving Rose and Iain to find a modicum of peace and quiet in one of the team-members apartments on the other side of town.

No sooner than they reached the safety of the apartment, Iain proposed. He confessed that he wanted nothing to do with any other woman and that he had been thinking of this since they'd first met, that he knew it was crazy and fast but that he didn't see any other way to be with her. Rose was heartbroken and elated at the same time. She wanted to marry him, but she knew in her heart he would change his mind once he knew the truth - that she was pregnant and had lied about her age. She confessed both while he was still on bended knee, expecting the ring in his hand to disappear, but Iain just looked back at her and shook his head: "It changes nothing." he smiled. Rose accepted.

Iain turned his attention now to keeping her safe and to finding her a way to marry without having to drag her (and him) through the penal system. He had little doubt he would be exonerated of any charges as Rose had convinced everyone that she was of age, but that didn't mean he wouldn't get drug through the muck first. He and his team had dealt more than a few times with some of the shadier characters in the Federation, so it wasn't hard for him to find the connection that would give Rose a new identity. They planned it so Rose would make the trip under the protection of the team to his contact and make the change. Federation Security hit first.

They grabbed Rose from the apartment while only one of the team was on duty, 2nd Lieutenant Mihail Grishin, overpowering him and taking both him and Rose into custody. Rose's father had sniffed out the hit in the Federation system and made contact with Turan, who gave him the news. He and his sons rushed to Cait to collect his daughter, and to secretly put the hurt on the predator that had sullied his baby. Ewan senior signed the release to get his daughter back and after waiting the mandatory 48 hours waiting time, sent his eldest son Ewan to go and collect her while he and Cailean completed some business on Cait and prepared their ship to leave.

Ewan junior returned to the ship with an extremely reluctant Rose in tow, desperate to get free and return to the man she wanted to marry, though she hadn't shared his name with anyone. Mihail hadn't either, Federation Security was smart enough to figure a Force Recon Marine wouldn't crack and didn't bother trying to break him. Junior returned to the ship to find Cailean missing and his father sitting in a chair in the cargo hold staring blankly ahead, unable to speak. Before Ewan could even open his mouth to speak, he felt the cold steel ring of a phaser pistol pressed to the side of his head from the Marine that had appeared from the shadows. He demanded Rose be released, which he did. She immediately hid behind her man. Iain then disengaged the muscle inhibitor keeping Ewan senior quiet and with his son under the pistol, insisted that he give binding consent (on holo-record) to let his daughter marry him. Iain took the recorded consent and took Ewan out onto the loading ramp before comming Cailean, bound to the cockpit with the same inhibitor. He instructed him to power up and leave, reminding him that junior wouldn't be coming along until they hit orbit.

Her father and brothers left without incident, and while Ewan senior could have easily fought the consent he'd given under duress, he didn't. He was heartbroken that his daughter wanted a stranger more than her own family and left her and her memory behind. It broke his wife's heart even more than his own, but Rose had made her choice and if there was one thing he knew it was that once her mind was made it, there was no changing it.

Rose and Iain married immediately thereafter, but the stress of the situation took its toll on Rose and she lost the child. She was convinced that Iain would turn her out after that, but where it should have weakened them, it only made them stronger and in time she became pregnant again, giving birth to the first of five children three years later. Three more sons followed in short order followed by a single daughter. Throughout that whole time, despite Iain being gone more often than not, she held firm to her commitment to him and her choice for this life. As is always the case with Rose, once she chooses her path, she never gives up.