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Major General Iain MacTaryn

Name Iain Wallace MacTaryn

Position Commanding General

Rank Major General

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 173lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Both stocky and gangly at the same time. He's not a physical specimen of the male physique, but he is certainly not a weak individual.

Speaks with a strong Scottish burr, but slower than most of his brethren, reducing the thickness of his accent to something more intelligible to his 'colonial' counterparts as well as his English/Irish brethren.

Communicates more with his eyes than with his hands, or with his words. Those who have worked with him for years know that he need only look at you to convey his orders, his preference or his distaste. The Marines under his command know that it isn't want MacTaryn says about your work - it's what he doesn't say.


Spouse Rose MacTaryn
Children Wallace (30)
Duncan (29)
Ewan (28)
Bruce (26)
Idelle (25)
Father Wallace MacTaryn
Mother Siubhan MacTaryn
Brother(s) Duncan (-2 years) - (deceased - SFMC, Dominion Wars)
Adair - (-4 years) - Federation Security
Bruce (-6 years) - (deceased - Romulan incursion)
Sister(s) None.

Personality & Traits

General Overview MacTaryn isn't the best because he's smarter than everyone else, or because he's the most able tactician, he's the best because he's been thrown into the fire so many times and has managed to walk out alive every time. What he's learned he's learned at the expense of the lives of the Marines under his command, and at the cost of a family life he knows his wife would have preferred he have. He wears that weight in his command every day and refuses to allow it to be sullied, or watered out by the pressures beyond his rank and position.

Iain is a cold man, reserving what little warmth he truly possess for his family. His Marines know him as hard, fast, dedicated and the one Marine they can count on to be better at their job than they are. As cold and distant as he is, MacTaryn would never assign a training exercise or commit his Marines to any task that he wouldn't stand right beside them and do. It serves as both a positive and a negative as MacTaryn often finds himself lost in the training, and the Marine to Marine fighting as opposed to the grander scheme leadership required of his ever increasing position in the Corps.

The Marines who've trained under MacTaryn despise him, but the Marines who've served under him admire him beyond words. They know the value of what he brings, what he knows and what he's willing to do for them and with them when the chips are down.

Obsessive about his Scottish heritage.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Orbital Deployment Warfare
+ Closed Quarter Warfare
+ Silent Action Warfare (Quiet in/Quiet Out)
+ Operational Leadership
+ Crisis Management

- Diplomacy. Iain is a Marine - he doesn't glad hand and he never sugar coats the truth.
- Emotional connections. Ask his wife, she'll tell you all you need to know.
- Fleet Interactions. If there's one thing Iain hates, it's a Fleeter, followed closely by an Englishman.
Ambitions To keep the Corps the best fighting force in the Federation and beyond. Now that his kid's are all grown, he's thrown himself 200% into that. Retirement is not a word in his vocabulary.
Hobbies & Interests - Genealogy. Iain is currently tracing his familial lineage somewhere in the 13th century.
- Marksmanship Training. Personal goal is expert marks with every SFMC rated weapon.
- Survival Training. His truest passion. He enjoys the challenge.
- Fluent in Gaelic: Something he's passed on to his children.

Personal History The eldest of four boys, Iain and his family were very active in the Scottish cultural community. From an early age he was taken by the stories of his numerous ancestors that had served in the Royal Marines, the MACO's and the SFMC over the generations, including his own Father. For Iain, that was the only life he wanted to lead from that early age.

From that first declaration until he was old enough to enlist himself, Iain spent every moment he could learning, training and experiencing everything he could to prepare himself for the life he wanted to lead. But when the time came to enlist, he made a choice that surprised both his father and his younger brother, who himself was only two years his junior and already committing to the same path. For his part, Iain chose to delay his enlistment and instead enrolled at Starfleet Academy - a mistake he would loathe for the rest of his natural life.

Iain thought the path he had chosen was right, but instead found himself among scientists and hopeless pacifists. Even the proud and tall men and women of the Tactical and Security departments were terribly ignorant pacifists to his mind. He stayed the course and completed his education and graduated in the Security branch but resigned his commission immediately after receiving it. When he presented it to the Corps, they honored the rank with the equivalent Marine rank and accepted him into the Corps with open arms.

From day one in the Corps, Iain was thrust right into the heart of conflict even when conflict was a rare occurrence in the Federation. He was frequently utilized for his detailed understanding of Starfleet protocols and procedures as an Academy graduate and with his natural tactical tendencies has been able to advise the Corps on Starfleet's next move. Starfleet, to him, is nothing if not absolutely predictable.

Iain has served in nearly every major SFMC conflict, from the Klingon Civil War to the Dominion Wars as well as countless other minor conflicts both known and unknown to the general population. He has led both militaristic and humanitarian missions across Federation space bringing his family along with him whenever possible. Most people consider Iain one of the most stubbornly loyal Marines in the Corps, but they obviously haven't met his wife who, despite the odds against her, has remained through countless conflicts and sleepless nights. She's raised four sons and a daughter, despite never knowing if her husband was coming home alive, and has been the most loyal of all the Marines under his umbrella. Something Iain has not let fall on deaf ears. He may be cold, hard and unrelenting, but that same tact rare applies to his wife and until coming of age, rarely applied to his only daughter. She is the only other woman in the galaxy that can soften his tone, and incidentally the only one that has cut him to his core.

MacTaryn is proud of his, and his wife's, Scottish heritage and has instilled that love in his children just as he has instilled the love of the Corps and his distaste for Starfleet. Three of his four sons joined the Corps in their own way, the fourth being unable to due to medical restrictions, though he tried to circumvent the system and join regardless until Iain caught him and forced him to return home. He is proud of his son for wanting to follow his brothers, but knows that he cannot be the Marine he needs to be with his condition. Iain's only daughter had no medical afflictions and was taught just as well as her brothers the lack of trust Iain has in Starfleet and his desire that they chose the Corps if they were to chose such a life for themselves. He taught his daughter to stand tall on her own, to be a force of character and of will, he just had no idea that she would turn that against him and chose to join Starfleet instead of his beloved Corps. It cut him to his core and has driven a spike between them that has yet to be removed.

Iain has continued to rise in the SFMC rankings, moving from more mobile commands to stationary ones at forward outposts and command headquarters, much to his wife's delight. She knows the man will never retire, but she can at least hope for a somewhat quiet life on a base far, far away. Iain has done what he can to at least give her that. She's more than earned it.
Service Record Starfleet:

2350 - Enrolls at Starfleet Academy
2352 - Cadet Cruise aboard USS Thatcher
2354 - Graduates Starfleet Academy with Honors - Tactical.
2354 - Resigns Starfleet Commission.


2354 - Transfers Commission to SFMC without incident, angering Starfleet, but earning the respect of the SFMC brass.
2354 - Assigned to Camp Wake Island (Poros'la Prime, Alpha Quadrant)- Platoon Leader.
2355 - Platoon Leader, 87th Marines at Battle of Qro'fa. Klingon Seperatists fighting against the Empire had caught the government's forces unaware. MacTaryn's Company Commander ordered their insertion to defend the Klingon government from certain defeat before the loyal government forces could arrive. The Klingon's never formally commended them, but the Klingon's who fought on Qro'fa gifted each platoon member with a ceremonial mek'leth.
2356 - Promoted after successful return from Qro'fa.
2356 - Force Recon Accession Pipeline and Specialty School Training.
2358 - Transferred to Force Recon Team #11 - Camp Bootneck (Cait)
2358 - Marries Rose Campbell.
2360 - Transferred to USS Eisenhower - Platoon Leader. Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon, 87th Marines. Force Recon Platoon.
2360 - Eisenhower's senior staff attends a diplomatic conference on Vixoros along with an attache of Federation Diplomats. Vixoros rebels are able to infiltrate the facility where the meetings are being held and kill the Vixoroson delegation and attempts to hold the Federation Diplomat's for trial by their De-facto Government. Company Commander leads 1st platoon in a distraction assault on the rebel's orbital vessel while 2nd Platoon makes an orbital insertion to secure the Federation Diplomats and the Eisenhower's senior staff.
2361 - Son Wallace Born
2362 - Son Duncan Born
2362 - Eisenhower investigating peculiar sensor readings in uninhabited space when away team is lost on the surface with no contact. A Federation Security detail sent to retrieve them goes missing as well. They fear the second team may have been scrambled by the transporter. 2nd Platoon (Force Recon) is sent to find any sign of either. What they find is that both teams have been captured by Kzinti (a species no one has seen for generations). The Marines are successful retrieving the teams, but at a high casualty cost. The Kzinti are massive feline creatures that easily out muscle a human.
2363 - Son Ewan Born
2365 - Promoted to Company Commander, Bravo Company 87th Marines.
2365 - Son Bruce Born
2366 - Transferred to USS Constitution - Company Commander, Alpha Company 17th Marines.
2366 - Daughter Idelle Born.
2368 - Led Alpha Company, 17th Marines in covert ops in Klingon Civil War against Romulan factions again utilizing the SFMC's newly crafted orbital insertion protocols, refining them to the standard currently used by all SFMC used.
2379 - Cardassian covert operations in support of Section 31 assets. An extended mission on Caradassia Prime executed by a small team of Force Recon under Section 31 command.
2370 - Temporary Assignment - Force Recon Team #2 - USS Iowa. The Iowa moves into Romulan space on order from Starfleet Command, despite breaking the RNZ treaty. The mission turns into a fiasco that results in the defectors turning on the Federation and on the Romulan's. The Defectors and the Romulan's blame the Federation (who disavows any knowledge of the mission, as was planned) and when the Federation disavows the Iowa the Romulan's proceed to destroy them. Thirteen crewmen survive (3 Marines) and report to the Federation and Romulan command about the details of the incident, incriminating the Romulan's for their part in an attack on the Klingon's that further deteriorates relations between the two species. The Romulan senate puts a standing 'kill' order on all thirteen survivors, payable in gold-pressed latinum upon delivery of their heads. Of the thirteen, only eight of those Officers are still alive - the others have fallen victim to the Romulan's bounty.
2373 - Promoted to Battalion XO, 11th Marines - FB Talmadge - Chin'toka.
2373-75 - Dominion War. 11th Marines suffered the highest Marine casualties of all units during the war, a fact that MacTaryn is very cognizant of every day. He is proud to have served with them, but wears their losses around his neck as penance.
2374 - Promoted to Battalion Commander, 2nd Marines - Lightyear Division - USS Iapetus
2376 - Promoted to Regimental Commander - 2nd Marines - USS Iapetus.
2385 - Promoted to Brigadier General
2388 - Promoted to Major General
2392 - Transferred to Camp Falkirk - Catus XI - Commanding General